nebuliser and meds

i have had asthma since a baby and am now 18, it has got worse in the last couple of months to the extent that i feel like i am not getting enough oxgygen, and have a tight chest, and really struggle to breath and feel like it is being restricted espically if i happen to turn on my front and been having pain in chest. i am seeing asthma nurse on tuesday and dont know if i am right to see if any other meds would help, i was looking into a nebulisher to see if that would improve asthma, would it be wrong to ask asthma nurse about it as i feel scared and embrassed and worried that she wont listen and will just shrug my concerns and questions off and not answer them.

anyone else got a nebulisher

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  • hi,Sinead18

    Think a nebuliser is only is given by a hospital consultant and not a doctor xxxx

  • Hi Sinead,

    after looking at your current meds you still have quite a long way to go before a home neb is likely to be considered, there are still a number of other meds or combinations for you to try before you go down the neb route.

    A neb is really a last resort, i only have one as without i would be permenantly in hossie as i neede large doses of meds.

    Have u tried using a spacer for your releiver it may make it easier. Write all your concerns down and discuss with your nurse , you can also speak to the nurses on the AUK help line as they are great. Good luckx

  • yes i will dicuss it with asthma nurse just a bit scared about asking her as is first meeting with her as changed to new doctors and am scared she will just say my asthma is not that bad and i will continue and is worst at night and the pain is horrible, i do have a spacer and mask, i am seretide 250, montelukast and vetolin and nothing is working, not even the reliver is having much use

  • If the ventolin is not giving you any relief ten you need to go to A + E sooner rather than later x

  • if it gives some reliev but not enough to help and dont want to hospital i hate them and last time was treated bad, when i have a attack i take it but struggle to breath for ages untill it stops

  • what about an out of hrs dr then as if its not working properly you need to get help.

  • not too bad today but am struggling like everyday, i did see doctor but she did nothing but hoping asthma will do more onon tuesday, is annoying espically as i am used to struggling

  • hi- i was just discussing nebs with the docs and nurses when i was admitted recently. they help so quickly but then i go down again, so have to have loads. asked about home neb after it was mentioned and have again been told that it would be silly for me to have one as in their words 'people with copd type problems will get benefit and manage at home with nebs, but with your asthma you need immediate relief as you could go down hill fast so you need to be brought to a + e'.

    there is no need for you to worry about asking your doc or nurse anything, thats what they are there for-to help x

  • I wish I could give my nebuliser back. Unfortunately I can't as I use it daily.... But wish others would appreciate the limitations having one puts on ur lifestyle ... Hospital issue ones are big and bulky and mains operated only. So most outings have to be less than 4 hours unless u buy a portable one. Even then having to take it to the pictures , restaurants and shopping . Some people can't take an inhaler in public so imagine the looks and comments a nebulsiers creates . I take my nebs 4 times a day more if needed so I don't spend too much time in the care of Nhs or the costa. ....

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