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Allergy to inhalers since CFC FREE

Since the UK change over to CFC FREE inhalers I have found I am quite severely allergic to at least one ingredient (eg; Lactose in powdered or propellant in spray) in every product I've tried. It's making my life a misery and doctors just don't seem to believe me as there's little documentation about this from the drug companies.

I'm desperate for advice and would even consider purchasing the old CFC propelled inhalers from abroad if I knew where to get them.

Has anyone any advice please?

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Hi Sara,

I did used to know someone who had this problem with the old CFC-containing inhalers - after trying everything, as a very last ditch effort, she used to have nebules and a hand-held, battery powered nebuliser and diluted the nebules down with saline until they were of a more 'inhaler-like' strength. A nebule is just salbutamol sulphate, saline and sulphuric acid as a preservative with no propellants or expedients so it is alright for most people. One 2.5mg nebule is equivalent to 25 puffs of an inhaler and once opened the solution only lasts 24 hours so it was quite a wasteful way of doing things, and also very fiddly when out and about!

I guess it would be a last resort and not all doctors would agree to it, but it is one option.

Hope this helps



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