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unhelpful surgery

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone else has a problem with there surgery when it comes to ordering repeat prescription items.

I have only been out of hospital for a few weeks after a 4 and a half week admission due to my asthma. the other night i had avery unsettled night and used quite a bit of my bricany inhaler (As well as nebs) managed to get it under control but realised i was left very short of bricanyl so phoned up my surgery as needed a emergency prescription for them but they refused which of cause caused me to get worried about not having enough for the 3 days it takes to re order the repeat and meaning i could not leave the house so had to call out of hours just to get a prescription.

I know that i should have a repeat in all the time so i do not run out but because i go through bricanyl inhalers x2 sometimes using both in as little as three days they wont let me keep re ordering them that quick.

Has any 1 else had this problem and what did u do to resolve it.or any advice would be appriciated.


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Hi kipo i have recently had a similar problem, i moved house and therefore surgery and they wouldnt prescribe half the medication i need because they said you should only be on it in hospital. It really worried and panicked me. I rang my consultant secretary and she sorted it out. Could you perhaps do that?

Does your GP know how much medication you go through? If they dont know they wont be able to help you get better control? Or have you told your consultant? The mistake i often make is i think they just know and actually they dont until you tell them. It is very important to tell the doctors everything so they can help you fully.



Start arguing:im a little more dramatic lately..there is an annoying practice manager at my surgery.

i have a similar issue - ive been moved to accuhalers which are great but the repeat prescription thing is a massive issue. my gp's are rubbish but I have an online appointment booking thing which allows you to request repeat prescriptions - the collection of them is a little annoying actually funny.

My doctors now understand im experimenting with dosage and sign them off quick its the damn practice manager who asked me 'oh how come you have these seretide inhalers so often?' So I just paused looked at her plain faced (actually annoyed because there is not doctor patient confidentiality!) and said 'well without this I may have an asthma attack and die! the actual doctor signed it off so thanks all the same'..

kipo, my advice is go back speak to your GP explain that you need more than required can he/she increase the inhalers to 2 per prescription. Also Bircanyl has a tendency to clog and give you a half dose as your unaware through time while using it. (mine used to a lot hence why im pleased to have it switched to a accuhaler) Sometimes they need a little more persuasion as we suffer they dont!


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