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Pred & chicken pox/ shingles

Hi my daughter is 6 and has severe asthma controlled with sub-cut infusion pump. She has just spent 3 days in hospital after another attack. At the moment she is covered in a rash and doctors are pretty sure it is shingles. She is currently taking 70mg of pred a day for the next 5 days and will then reduce back down to maintenance of 20mg a day. I was reading the information leaflet in the pred and it said about coming into contact with chicken pox whilst you are taking it. I just wondered what the risks are and how dangerous or not it is.She had only been out of hospital for 10 days from her last attack and we were still reducing pred back to maintenance when this attack occured. I'm worried as my niece and nephew have chicken pox at the mo. Chloe has had it before.but it is my nieces second time. Hope someone can help . Nikki xxxx

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Hey Nikki,

Seems alot of kids have chicken pox this spring. I have just finished a course of famiclovir for chicken pox exposer as my cousin broke out 2 days after a traveled in a car with him for 2hrs. I also had to have a jab to give me some antibodies to fight it off and have a blood test to check my IgE to varicella zoster (chicken pox virus). I was told to avoid him completely as its a airborne virus until all his symptoms and his spots had scabbed over.

anymore questions please pm

tks xxx


I had shingles a few years ago when on high dose of pred.

Horrid & itchy but survived fairly unscathed!!! Though I was OK but I would suggest you ask about an anti-viral medicine like TKS has taken.



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