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oral allergy syndrome

Hi all

does anyone else suffer with OAS oral allergy syndrome

my 15 yr old daughter has been ok untill this year

and now had this itchy throat that she wants to rip out she constantly coughs with it as if to try and clear her throat

she has been put on a different antihistamin(sp)

she has asthma which a few foods cause her to have an asthma attack but they are esily avoided

but now she avoiding certain fruits to ease this oas

would be interested in talking to anyone that has oas and anything u find that helps ease we were told gurgle with vinegar sadley vinegar gives her asthma attack

she has gone to school this morning with this itchy throat and wanting torip it out and the constant cough trying to clear it

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hiya mumof4

I have allergys to tomatoes, kiwi, banana and latex! It isnt known whether the latex or the food allergy came first but they are linked as the latex protein i have an allergy to is cross reactive with the foods im allergic to!

Its frustrating and can be difficult to avoid all the time but i haven't had a reaction now for 3 years which is fab!

I always have a scratchy throat and take antihistamines daily. I do find i need to keep clearing my throat too!

Hope your daughter feels better soon lv kat Xx


hi kit-kat

ty for replying

fingers crossed for u not haveing any more reactions in that quarter

i hate seeing my daughter like this

she can't have kiwis, clementines, peaches and pears andnow this is putting her off from trying others for 15 yrs she has been fine then one day and everything seems to have gone pear shaped (excuse the pun lol) as she puts it lol

we went into the garden centre and as soon as she walked throu all the new flowers she started again and then this morning she has gone to school with the itchy throat coughing with it and hadn't eaten anything when it happened so take its the actual pollen this time the antihisamines don't seem to help much when she eats something or like this morning obviosly high pollen

we go camping in the summer and i am dreading it as it is she usually ends up sleeping int he car if it gets damp due to asthma

i take it u can't eat these foods all year round without this happen or is it just when its that season that particular pollen like its been suggested its the birch she allergic to for this time of year

sorry for all the questions


actually it may have been beech o i am so confused over all this lol


hi mumof4

You would be right yes-cant eat these foods at any time of year! I do get problems with tree pollens aswell though and my latest asthma attack i think must've been caused by the high tree pollen count here!

Good luck with the holiday it must be a real worry for you all. Hope that your daughter feels better soon and doesnt let the allergy's stop her trying new things!

Keep me posted how you get on. Lotsa lv kat Xx


Last time I had smell induced splatt (someone in marinaded in tesco value aftershave) I was apparnetly ripping at my throat and my family tell me I have done that before. I can't tell you why I was doing it or what it felt like but stratching and tearing at the throat has a familier ring to it. I will ask my team at the RBH.



I have oral allergy syndrome. I dont usually take anything for it, I just let nature take its course and it clears up on its own, unless the reaction is more severe in which case I take anihistamine. I find that the time of the year does make a difference though. It's worse in the summer months. Presumably because all the allergies are worse then and my body is more 'twitchy'?

It's the protein in the fruit and veg that we react to, so cooking the veg helps as this degrades the protein. There are families of fruit and veg (similar proteins), so if your daughter reacts to one of the things in the 'family' then it is more likely that she will react to the others. You should be able to find lists of the families on the net somewhere.

Hope that helps.


I would recommend studying the family groups to assertain what probably should be avoided and what can be eaten. I had an intolerance to many food groups but if you can manage to avoid them completely for 3 months you can then try to reintroduce the food and see if you are still intolerant. I went 6 months before trying and I am now able to eat many of the foods that I had had to avoid.


thanks to all of u

its quite interesting all the different story's u get on this subject

i am desperatley trying to get her to eat fruit which she won't at the mo becos of it all happening and changing over night but i am sure we will get her to eat something eventually even if she only lives on one or 2 fruits better than nothing isn't it

thank u all again



It is good that she can eat two fruits but food intolerances may be caused by eating too much of the same food. The idea of using food family groups is to find more options for her whilst limiting the chance of suffering ie to encourage her to find others. You dont say what she reacts to but for example I had to give up all stoned fruit including cherry tea, raisins etc.

I've never tried gurgling with vinegar but do find gurgling with warm water with salt soothes my mouth & throat problems


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