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Annoyed with GP

I have had asore throat for about 6 weeks now and originally went to see my GP who said i had a throat infection and prescribed penicillin. After a week or so i went back as it was still sore - saw different GP (u phone up in morn and get appt with whoever is available) who said it was prob thrush from meds so prescribed me Nystin(spelling?) pastilles and took a swab. Took pastilles for 2 weeks as told, swab came back negative so i went to see yet another GP in our practice(who is a bit if a T*AT) yesterday who gawked down my throat and said it was still really red but WONT prescribe owt for it saying i should leave it for my con who i am seeing next week.

Ever since i have had probs with my asthma(since last oct) my GP is very reluctant to prescribe me anything saying i should see my con as i see her every fortnight but i dont like to ask her stuff thats not related to my chest as she is a resp con not my GP.

I have also found that they have no idea about my chest when i have infection. I went to see him a few months ago sayng i had inf - coughin mucky sputum - he listend to my chest - sed it was clear and sent me home sayin it was virus. That nite i was taken by the green men to a&e after HUGE attack only to be told by doc i had - GUESS WHAT - CHEST INFECTION and spent 2 weeks in costa!! I know when i have infection or not - u can feel it brewing and not to mention the taste when u coff!(EWWW)

Has anyone else had this experience with their GP or is he right to leave it to my con?

Im sorry to moan but i feel like my con is there to help my chest not summat as trivial as a sore throat! Its REALLY sore!



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The respiratory con is there for the whole of respiratory system, that includes the throat. it is probably sore if you take high dose steroid inhaler. I had that for a while with my tongue and throat feeling absolutely raw. in the end as my asthma was bad anyway he put me on prednisalone and told me to take a break for a few days from the inhalers. I had to restart them the last day of my prednisalone. That did wonders to improve my throat. Another tip is to drink gallons and suck caramelly boiled sweets - they are really soothing, so is hot grapefruit or lemon juice.


thanks for the info angela

i am on flixotide and 40mg pred. I was in costa last week and i mentioned it to doc who sed nurses were to take a swab again but they didnt. Am seeing con again tomorrow so will ask again.

pink fluffy hugs to you.



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