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Symbicort and anxiety attacks

Hi there. I've been on symbicort for a couple of weeks now. The last few days I have been having what I guess might be panic or anxiety attacks. I feel really wired and anxious and it takes ages for me to get calm. I feel like I'm just about to go down with a cold or something as well. I read that symbicort can cause depression like symptoms but nothing about anxiety. I'm not normally anxious even when I'm stressed out at work. Any thoughts gratefully received. Sonja

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Redsonja. Hi was like that when started on singulair.Hope you feel better soon.would mention it to your doc or asthma Glynis x


RedSonja101, you are not alone in this - I stopped Symbicort because of this very reason. I am the most sane person I know and yet I felt distinctly strange and inexplicably anxious until my GP stopped it. It turned out it was also giving me an unnaturally fast heartbeat, which was another reason to stop it. I'd return to your GP if I were you.


Oh yes. I've taking foradil (the LABA in symbicort) twice I think? And it made me terribly anxious. And then I tried taking Symbicort (also twice) and it did the same thing. So I really can't take the foradil.

When I was on it I was in graduate school and was literally pacing in and out of class! Then I went to my GP who wouldn't take me off of it (I was miserable but I could breath so hey). Then she sent me to the pulmonologist and I was like ""Can you take me off of it!"" And he was like ""We'll get to that in a minute..."" And I was like ""But can you take me off of it!"" Finally he said yes just to shut me up.

Anyways I take advair (I think in the UK it's called Seretide?) and I'm O.K. on that. Occasionally it speeds up my heart a bit, but it's nothing at all like sybicort. Kind of sad, I know, because I've heard symbicort works really well when in works.

Hope you find something that works well for your asthma.


I have being finding myself more and more anxcious for a number of weeks now. I think my family quite literally think im loosing the plot.Usually im so laid back and chilled about things now i definitely am becoming a control freak because i think if i know i have done everything in my power to stop bad things happening i dont worry as much. Im doing my own head in so how others can stand me I dont know!!

I thought it was just the singulair, but I think I will bring up the symbicort with my gp tomorrow

thank u for bringing this up



I feel the same on symbocort. I have been sleeping badly due to asthma to i decided to try symbocort again. Bad idea. Had one puff in the morning. About half an hour later i get terrible anxiety and a dreadful feeling as if everything will go wrong and is out of my control. So you are not alon here


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