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Hi everyone

I went to A&E last friday cause I was coughing so much that I couldn't breath and the doc who listened to my chest said it was clear, i then explained that I had been ill for 5 weeks and wasn't getting any better so she ordered a chest x ray which showed infection, which came as quite a surprise cause my x rays are normally clear!

anyway I was just wondering what type of infections do chest x rays show, is it just bacterial infections or do they show virus's aswell?

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  • Hi,not quite sure about that.Im always told shows infection or they say compaired to last xray your lungs are ok . Usualy my bloods show infection etc also xxx

  • CXR can give a virally type picture to them, or ummm... can show a 'non focal consolidation' as well as lots of other interpretations of course!!

    as well as showing an actual bacterial infection...

    hope this helpful...

  • can anyone tell me what 'streaking' on a chest xray means?

  • xray streaky?

    streaky CXR generally means signs of infection - viral or bacterial , thats my understanding when i HELP interpret CXR at work

    hope this helps u xx

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