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Not much positive news as yet, but an update on Snowy

Hi all

Thanks for all the replies to the last message, I am sure she will be as touched as I was when she reads them.

An update, well we are coming to the end of day 3 of the ventilation, they tried this morning to take Andrea off it but her SATS plumeted so it was straight back on, they have now increased all meds in the hope to try again tomorrow, Ive been told that getting asthmatics off a ventilator if it goes on longer than 24hours is hard, and I know last time it was 3 weeks, so just hoping thats not the case again!

Snowygirl is still in hosp and Im in regular contact with her too, shes hoping to get out at the weekend!

Thanks all again, and fingers crossed that tomorrow mornings attempt is more sucessful, I need my wife back nagging me and our son needs his mum home (he says that hes fed up looking like a dork as I cant do his trendy hairstyle anywhere near like his mum does!) - Teenagers eh!


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Will be keeping my fingers and everything else crossed for tomorrow.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. xx


Hope things are better tommorow.

Honey x


Hope things are brighter tomorrow - thinking of you all.



All best wishes for speedy but steady recovery xx


aww Sending all my love to you all and hope Snowy has a better atempt tomorrow.love to snowygirl also xxx


Wishing you the best tomorrow, I am trying to imagine what your sons hair looks like....Be sure mum will recover soon to get it sorted. Take care all of you.



Thanks for the update. Love and hugs to you all at this difficult time. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.


Crossed fingers for tomorrow! And thanks for the update, this forum is great but always worrying when people are in hospital so good to know how Snowy and Snowygirl are doing.

Like Gill I am also wondering how your son's hair looks...


Love to snowy and hope you are ok x


Love and best wishes to Snowy and Snowygirl. It's very quiet without them.


Thinking of Snowy and sending heaps of love to you all as a family. Cant imagine how hard it must be.

Lots of love and hugs,



Really hope she is doing better now. Sending lots of good wishes to you all x


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