Snowy Wed - Updated 5pm - OMG !!!

Hi all

Well you will be pleased to know that I slept like a log, got back home around 10:15 last night and was in bed by 10:30!, slept right through till 6am this morn!

Today is the big day, the follow on review mtg at 9:30, last night they were doing loads more tests and hourly readings/mointorings for today so Im both nervous and excited as to what they are going to say, trying not to think too much about what might happen as I know I will get myself wound up so will try to stay calm until told otherwise!

And .... Yes before you ask I have had brekkie!!!!! and mum-in-law has made me a packed lunch (Just in-case they do stuff or something goes wrong & I dont want to leave her) - Aww not had one like that for a long time - in its own little bag and everything! how cute - but think she's not risking it today :-), and also not giving me any excuses haha


PS: my head's still sore! :-(

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  • Good luck today Alex - I hope it goes well. Keep us posted if you can.

    Your mother in law is excellent - hopefully you won't be hitting the deck today ;)

  • Hope the meeting goes ok today, good luck and take care of yourselves

  • Oh bless,

    having a pack lunch is just like being at school again, your mother in law sounds like a treasure. Shes doing a brill job looking after you all in such difficult situation. Glad to hear you've had brekkie, it'll keep you going through the morning.Anyway i hope the review goes well, and you hear the positive news you need. Keep us posted whe you can.

  • Hi Alex,

    Glad to see you're well rested and fed. Good luck for the meeting. How lucky are you to have such a lovely mother-in-law cooking you roast dinner and making little pack lunches. Hope your head is better, Snowy will wonder what the hell has been going on when she wakes up and will be wondering out of the two of you who has been through the wars, lol. Hope you have an injury free day.

  • Good to know you're properly fed and watered. Thanks Andrea's mum. Hope today goes well and head doesn't hurt too much.

    As ever, holding you dear to me.

    Moira x

  • Hope the review goes well for you this morning, and the feedback from it is all possitive.

  • Fingers crossed!

  • I was just about to say what have you eaten Alex, I hope Snowy is getting all the support she needs and they get to help her. Hope they speak in a lanuage you will understand. Take care.


  • Glad to hear you slept well AND ate breakfast AND have a lovely packed lunch (your mum in law is a gem). You're all set up for the day and as long as you don't fall over you'll be fine. lol

    Fingers firmly crossed for a good outcome to today's review. You are all in my thoughts.


  • Update - 5pm

    Ok, well its been a LONG day, meeting went well if not a little confusing like last time!, all the test results from the overnight monitoring were good, they continued with more tests during the day and then met again with the cons just now, as he was the one to make the final decision on the next step…

    To me this was a step into the unknown, off the platform of safety of the ventilation etc and into who knows what, I have been frantic with worry all day, not knowing if her body would respond in a positive way or not…

    Anyway, all I can say is that in around an hour (approx 6pm) they are going to reduce her sedation a little and reduce the ventilator pressure a bit to see how she responds and if her body will start to make some effort on its own, its going to be done very very slowly after the problems last time, so that it can be quickly reversed if there are adverse reactions to it, so its nerve wrecking and I have no idea when my next update will be (might have to ask someone to do it for me), or if it will be good news or bad, but here goes!

    All I can say is it’s a good job I got a nights sleep last night as I don’t think I will be going far for a few days !!!


  • Oh Alex wow!!

    Sending you huge hugs as I know this is a very scary thought considering what happened last time. Snowy has fought so hard and has done amazingly. I'm sure that's down to having such a wonderful supportive husband by her side. I know with your continuing love and support next to her, she will carry on her fight to start breathing on her own again.

    I'm so pleased that things are now going in the right direction. I'm sure that snowy will wake up soon and smile at you. She's bound to know what an amazing strength you've been.

    Love to all of you and thinking of you an Lewis loads.

    Emily x

  • Hi Alex, we'll all be thinking of you at 6pm and keeping fingers crossed all goes well with Snowy under controlled slow approach. You've been so brave through this terrible time and we're all behind you. Big hugs x

  • Thinking of you all coming up to 6pm Alex - crossed fingers slow and steady does it! xxx

  • Glad the doctors are going steady, this is good,you take care Alex and Lewis. Snowy go steady.


  • Keeping everything crossed. You are amazing alex. Snowy clearly has a fabulous family. Try to look after yourself over the next frw days. Love chell.xx

  • Alex, Best wishes on withdrawal in little baby steps.

    Moira x

    PS Hope your head gradually feeling less painful. My husband did his at hospital too. Medical engineer, finished the job he'd been doing. About to go out door he'd started opening, when someone called to him so he turned his head to answer. Then turned back and walked slap bang into half open door. Best place for it to happen. Just next to A&E. LOL.

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