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Saved by my wondefull GP again!

I wanted to post his as I think sometimes GP's get a raw deal ...

I was going for a routine appt on Friday first thing, my appt was nothing to do with my asthma which makes a change! but after dropping my son off at school just before the appt it I felt my chest tighten badly, I don’t know how I drove to the docs but ended up there anyway, I went in and sat waiting to see her but got increasingly worse, the nurse practitioner who I have seen loads when my asthma plays up walked past and immediately knew I was not right, she went to her room to see who I was waiting for but before she could get back I was called in by GP, she took one look at me and called for the nurse practitioner to get a neb ready, who incidentally had found out info and was already on her way with it, they worked on me solidly for 2 hours as they know I hate going in, giving nebs, iv drugs etc and followed my cons protocol... and it worked, there speedy response and understanding prevented an admission and once again I cant thank them enough... they stayed with me in turn until my husband came even though there was a waiting room full of people waiting to see them, I felt so guilty and she just kept saying its fine, one day it might be them that needs this extra attention and they will receive it just the same as you .......... without them I know I would not be alive as they saved me last year when I went into resp arrest, they know I am as stubborn as they come when it comes to going to a&e but when I stop arguing with them they know to take over... luckily for me this was not one of those times!.

Anyway, im still at home and on the mend... and now I need to book another appt for what I went for initally, hopefully this time it will go smoothly...


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Hi snowy,

I'm sorry to you had a bad time but glad to hear you were at the right place at the right time.

Your gp practice sound really good! How good that they took their time with you without just sending to to hospital where nobody wants to be if it can be helped.

I have a great practice too although my new nurse practitioner is better than my doctor when it comes to asthma. She has allergies herself and therefore knows where I'm coming from. She listens and does all tests thoroughly. Unlike some docs just staring at the screen, new meds and out again.

You seem to be in good hands:-)

I hope you feel better soon and that your next visit will be without any problems.

take care

love Lydia x


sorry you were ill, but i agree it sounds like you have a super GP to give you all that attention! i dont think ive ever had an appt. where we've disgussed what i booked it for (not too much of a problem though, everything comes up eventually)


I to have a wonderful nurse practitioner who takes time to explain things and makes sure I understand. I can also ring her if I have any concerns and she will either ring me back or squeeze me in, even if she hasn't got an appointment free. I was in on thurs with palpitations, breathlessness, tremors and a high resting pulse. Even though she was buzy I had a full ECG and wouldn't let me go until my pulse had dropped (turns out I was allergic to the antibiotics). I find her easier to talk to than the Drs and I will always try and see her. She is also the asthma nurse. Even my receptionists know this and will bend over backwards for me. I agree that Drs surgeries do get a raw deal sometimes but I will always praise mine especially my nurse practitioner.


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