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No news either way yet ref heart


Just to update you all, I saw the cardiologist today, and he did say the high pulse rate was a concern as were the palpaptions but could not say either way if anything was wrong or not, I am to go back next week to have a 5 day tape fitted to try and capcture rhythm when it happens and a heart scan and then I might know more!

He was a lovely man and the head honcho so good on both counts!


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hi.Try not to worry.Had a scan and ultra sound scan.Sounds like your having a heart trace also taped to you for 24-48 hours. Fingers crossed u get a ok like me and even though i have a prob it fell just inside the normal range xxx


HI Snowy,

Glad you had a good experience! I've been having much the same symptoms and have a cardiologist appt on 23rd May as new resp. consultant wanted me to get properly assessed by cardiology not just have a couple of tests seen by resp. dept. like at previous hospital.

I had a normal echo, ECG and 24-hour ECG last year which was why previous (resp) consultants weren't worried. I think there are still things that can be there but not on ECG/echo eg some rhythm disorders (I've been looking into this!) but think some at least aren't really a problem even if they are technically abnormalities - hope both mine and yours fall into this category if it turns out anything is 'wrong'.

Good luck with tests next week, let us know how you get on.

Edit: Meant to say, if you have Holter, big shirt/tunic with jeans or trousers great for hiding the electrodes and monitor - I didn't want to walk around with everyone able to see them so carefully planned what to wear. Just in case it's helpful ;)


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