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On Antibiotics and pred again

Hello Everyone,

I am on antibiotics again 6th course scence christmas because of chest or throat infections. Each time I get a infection I end up back on antibiotics and pred. In the evenings my asthma starts to play up and I don't feel to good. I get very short of breath, tight chested and I also have a night time cough at the moment.

I may have to go back to the doctors about my asthma and my throat.

I am never to sure when to get help. Can anyone help me on this?

My asthma has been a lot worse this year and I am really fed up with it now. Has anyone else found that there asthma has been worse this year?


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on antibiotics and pred again!!!

I have so much sympathy for you. Its extremely hard. Isn't it. It never ends as we seem to get so many infections, don't we. I moved to the area I'm living in 5 years ago and this Health Authority treats asthma completely different from my previous area Health Authority. The previous ensured I was equipped with spare antibiotics and prednisolone in case of emergencies and made me feel as if they knew how badly I felt. With the present one I feel they don't want to acknowledge that asthma exists and I have to beg for medication. My health has never been worse. I hope you get to feel better.


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