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Please help!


I have had quite bad asthma all my life, I was reasonably well controlled and then i went to uni. Then my problems started, and i have to give up my course nand basicaly my life. I was in and out of hospital more times than i can remeber. Luckily things have improved to the point that i have moved out of home and am now back doing my nursing course. Unfortunately things are getting slightly worse. My peak flows in the morning are through my boots, and my lips are blue especially in the morning and i am finding that i am struggling more. The only thing the drs seem to wnat to do is put me back on steriods, and i do not feel that these work at all. I have just finished another 5 vday course, again with no affect. Does ANYBODY have any ideas on what i can do? Im at my wits end and dont want to things to go the same way as before!

Sorry for the essay!

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thing that springs to mind is that you are a lot worse in the mornings, I assume after a few hours you get up things start to improve. I consider asking if it could possibly GERD related, thats a significant and increasing condition thats now being acknowledge as being responsible for nocturnal pf dips.


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