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Peak Flow Meters

I have a new peak flow meter, to EU standard. Does anyone know why mine registers differently to the one at my GP's. Hers is an EU one too but always registers about 40 points higher than mine (the highest reading I can achieve on mine is 280/300, and on hers 320/340). How do I know which one is accurate? I would think they have a shelf life but does anyone have any advice.

Thanks, Yvonne

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Hi Yvonne

My understanding is that each meter can be different so as long as you go by one and compare your readings that is what matters. You really need to go by your readings - do you know if it is the same meter at the GP's each time? I only ask cos at my DRs I can go into different consulting rooms etc and they tend to have a meter in the room rather than always the same one....

They do have a ""shelf life"" too - my understanding is a year, but somebody else can probably clarify that.



Best thing is to take your meter with you when you go to the GP's or consultants appointments.

Truly x


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