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should there be more improvement by now?

My youngest son with Asthma aged 2 and half was admitted to hospital on Tuesday evening with a sudden attack.

He did not respond very well to 3 nebules of Salbutamol and some oxygen over the course of the evening and so he was put prednislone for 3 days and 10 puffs of salbutamol hourly and oxygen til the morning.

The next day he was down to 10 puffs 4 hourly. We came home once he was off oxygen and I could manage his treatment at home on 10 puffs 4 hourly.

We are now on day 6 and he is still having 10 puffs 6 hourly but the oral steriods were finished on thursday. I am concerned at how much medication I am giving him and will be at the doctors first thing in the morning.

He still seems to have a slight wheeze and some coughing and u can feel it in his ribs when u pick him up.

It is a little easier when a doc can listen to what is going on or his sats can be checked. After an exhausting week looking after the poor little one I start to get paraniod that he is not getting better quick enough.

been here before with his older brother but dont remember an episode with either of them that lasted this long on such high dose of inhalers.

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If you are not happy, speak to a doctor and explain your fears or if things get worse see a doctor.

Sometimes after a really bad attack, it knocks the stuffing out of you, but it could mean your Son needs another dose of steroids to get over this more quickly. It's really is worth speaking to someone if you are worried, mum usually does know best.

Take care and hope things start to improve soon



thanks Kate,

I am at that stage when the kids are ill for a while when u lose judgement how they are. Obviously he is not a severe as tues night but do feel he has not improved enough.

Why do kids always go ill at the weekend when usual docs not open?

Have called on call docs on previous episodes and they are not keen to see son once they know he is not responding to usual asthma plan or on steriods, they point me in direction of A&E.

My 'mum knows best' feeling is that he needs more oral steriods which means waiting til morn to see our docs. Obviously if his breathing gets worse than it is now I will be calling on A&E.


i think your mum knows best judegement of needing more steriods is probabley correct.

Trust yourself more you know your son and you know he is not right.

It is times like this when i wish i still had my parents around to help me decide how i really am but now i have to make my own decisions.



Hi Folks

just to let u know we got another short course of oral steriods and little one is recovering well.



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