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im due to get an operation next week (which i have needed for 18months grrrr). anyway im getting another pre op assessment as other ran out but been told that it will prob be the same in that the op will be done under a spinal with a nerv block with the understanding that if something goes wrong i will be knocked out...this is the issue i have- is it too rude or too much to ask if the operation doesnt go to plan and they want to knock me out, then i ask them to stop instead? also has anyone on here had a spinal done, if so whats it like? im very very nervous about having this done but so excited that i might actually not have as much pain as normal.

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I had a total hip replacement done under a spinal anaesthetic and it was absolutely fine. I did say to the anaesthetist that I didn't particularly want to listen to lots of sawing and he said don't worry we will give you something to make you drowsy. They gave me some Valium and I had a nap, woke up part way through and he said ""do you want some more"" I said yes and went off to sleep again until it was finished. When I woke up I was in recovery, but it is not the same as coming round from the general anaesthetic and you don't get the problems with chest congestion and sore throat as you don't have a tube in. If they can do it the risks are fewer and I would recommend it. Also the benefit from this is that when you wake up you still have the effects of the nerve block so you won't immediately be in pain. Best Wishes


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