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I dont know what to do :(

Hi im kate,

My son Zac has Asthma hes 8 he was diagnosed 2 years ago after a bad chest infection.

We have had so much trouble with his asthma since then, he uses his inhalers every day but it seems to get worse around this time of year! He has also been diagnosed with hayfever which we are keeping under control.

Last year was the worse it started off with a bad cough then he started coughing up phlem when he lied down at nite. This went on for weeks and 6 trips to the doctors with several different treatments of steriods and anti biotics and different reasons for the cough. But he kept getting worse :( Finally the doc sent him for an X-ray which revieled he had streaks on his lungs caused by a chest infection and a partial lung collapse! We then went to a consultant who told us Zac was just getting over pneumonia! I was shocked that it took 8 different docs to tell me that!!!

My main worry is its starting again he has a bad cough now and i dont know wat to do :( any help or suggestions would be a briliant help as the doc says his chest is clear :(

Thanks Kate

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hi kate, take him back to the consultant who got it right in the end. try and got early as you sort of want to catch it in time before it progresses.

Good luck.


Hi Kate,

sorry to hear about the tough time you and Zac are having. If you haven't done so already, have you discussed this with the Asthma UK adviceline nurses? number at top left hand corner of this page. They are very friendly and are experienced nurse specialists & can help you prepare for your next doctor's appointment.

best wishes



I am sorry to hear about your son Zac.

I can't offer any short-term help but perhaps it would be of help to read this article on research regarding asthma/hayfever and a lack of vitamin D from the National Jewish Health Hospital in Denver - one of the top lung hospitals in the US - in young children.


It might be worth you reading up on the work of Professor Michael Hollick of Boston School of Medicine - he has an interesting 60 minute lecture on Youtube - and also go read the articles by Dr. John Cannell in the newsletter archives of the:


I was not responding to my inhaled steroids and steadily getting worse until I began taking doses of vitamin D suggested by Hollick and Cannell.

When I think about it, my own asthma begun about a year after I got badly sunburnt many years ago and since then I have not gone out in the Sun without sunblock 50 on which, I recently learnt, cuts out 99% of vitamin D creation. Apparently T-cells, which fight infection in the body, all have a vitamin D receptor but the T-cells do not bother 'waking up' unless there is enough vitamin D in the body and the airways/lungs, in particular, are full of T-cells.

Apparently you can walk around naked in the UK from Oct to Mid-April and not make any vitamin D as the Sun is too low. Then, in Summer, we cover ourselves up in sunblock thereby stopping our bodies stocking up on vitamin D.

Obviously, it is important not to get sunburnt but it is interesting that the sharp rise in asthmas in the West have been since we have all been told to stay out of the Sun and cover ourselves in sunblock.

Anyhow, I hope Zac gets better soon and I hope the above links might be useful information for you.



Thanks for ur replies :)

I wil have a read of the links u posted im hopin it wil help or give me some insight into helpin him.

I havent spoke to the nurses just yet but it sounds like a good plan as i didnt realise u could.

I have tried to see the consultant but cos the doc hasnt sent us to him this time he wont see us which is silly :(

Me and zac have worked out a routine before bed which seems to be working for the time being (touch wood) he has his inhalers and some cough medicine then i put vapour rub on his chest and back it seems to be keeping his chest clear but his cough is lingering so another trip to the docs this week i think. thanks for ur help guys wil post the results of the doc trip :)


Hi All

Just to update and get some info on wat i was told this week by the doc.

I took Zac back to the doc cos his cough took a turn for the worse monday night :(

The doc said 'His chest is clear and hes fine' but then he said 'Zac has an upper respatory infection which dosent need any medication'

Any ideas on wat that means would be a great help as im stuck and not sure wat to do!

The bit that worrys me is the doc we saw this week is the same doc who told me last year that his chest was clear but he had a chest infection when we saw him!

Im thinking that if hes no better by sunday im taking him back to see our doc and find out for sure if his fine!

Im scared thats its gonna happen again this year and since his lungs are weak from last years dose of pneumonia that its gonna be worse this time if it hits him

Thanks guys

Kate x


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