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Allergy testing


Im planning to get an allergy test done and have it done privately as my doctors seem to think it would not be beneficial to test everything and find more than i already know of? Is this true has anyone managed to find their asthma trigger by doing this. Im thinking that there is something in what im eating that im allergic too which is adding to this tendency to have flare ups.

would be great to hear about your results from allergy testing!

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I was tested a few years ago but only for certain things and partly as consultant wanted to rule out whether I was allergic to my budgie. Which as it happens I'm not. He said that I was a naturally allergic person and there wasn't much point testing me as I was likely to become allergic to other stuff. Which I have. I know I'm allergic now to chilli so have to be careful. I've become sensitive to latex, so avoid kiwi fruit too and banana.s. I'm allergic to some cats but not all. If you know what you allergic to avoid it. But there's no harm in trying to rule not things.


Hi confused

I've had various allergy tests done in different methods (blood tests measuring IgE, skin prick testing and patch tests) I have not been tested for everything just those my consultant felt may be relevant to my asthma. So far everything that they have tested for has been confirmed as suggesting allergy to that particular thing ranging from latex to grass pollen, house dust mite, nuts, various moulds etc. Getting it done privately I believe can be rather expensive. I believe severe reactions to allergy tests are rare and if done in a controlled setting can be quickly attended to, they are rare as the amount of allergen used to trigger a response is minimal and is not likely to cause a serious reaction so please try not worry. IgE measurement through blood tests is a method of avoiding the risk of reactions as no allergens are applied to the skin its just a normal blood test and the rest of the work takes place in the lab. If you think you have food allergies I suggest you speak to your doctors about it again as they may reconsider however if you have the means of paying for allergy testing privately and you think it will help then by all means go for it. :)

hope that helps a bit.

Simi x


Hi confused,

I'm in the same boat as you and it's really frustrating not knowing what exactly I'm allergic to:-( I've had allergies since I was 10 and had a prick test done every year to check what I was allergic to and which triggers were the worst. This changed slightly from one year to the next. Since I moved to England I've never been tested but I noticed a few more triggers like cats and dogs and dairy intolerance, you name it.

I asked the hospital con a few weeks ago if they could do an allery test as an up-date but I got the same answer you got, ""if you notice some new triggers you will be allergic to them""

well, I feel as if I'm only guessing most of the time and then there's the possibility of an up to 48 hour delayed reaction so very hard to pin point isn't it?

In the mean time the hospital messed me about with meds that made it all worse.

In my opinion they don't really try to get to the bottom of triggers they only try to treat the overall symptoms.

What would it cost to get it checked privately and how do food allergies get tested?

Interesting topic, I hope you'll get some answers.

Love Lydia x


thats kinda my dilemma..

im starting to think i've developed a kind of severe allergy something im eating as my ezcema has had a massive flare up. Im not sure how i could test for a food allergy but i think im probably going to talk myself out of it as im medically cleaning my room a lot and using special fresh air and removed a lot of make up products that i was using - changed my perfume, changed all my beauty products (cleansers, face cream etc) im even eagerly awaiting my anti allergy matress! I might of missed something but - even though im on the highest dose of inhalers, anti histamines and singulair. Im not seeing a sign of calm with anything.

Also my lungs seem to demand medication like clockwork and i have attacks at oddly the same time everyday! Therefore im starting to think i might end up becoming paranoid if did do it and stuck on a medication rota if i didnt either.

why do doctors come out with that line: 'if you notice more you will become more allergic!' Surely asthma is not all in your head?


Hu confused,

funny enough I've noticed attacks at the same time over the last few months! It's worst mostly after long days at work and when I'm on my late shift on a friday. But even when I had a more relaxed day I'm worse just after my tea and usually about 9pm and that is the same I take the singulair. So I started wondering if the effect of singulair is really completely rock bottom after 24hrs?

My eczema got better since I stopped using a softener with my washing.

I hope all the effort you're making to eliminate allergens will be payed off soon.

You can't but try;-)

I agree with you on the paranoid bit-seing that gp's just say""you'll notice what you're allergic to"" this makes me constantly thinking about what's next?!

We should just have the right to know what it is so that we don't have to keep guessing:-/

I wish you the best of luck :-)

love Lydia x


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