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Portable Oxygen

hi all,

does anyone have portable O2 for emergancy use and if so how did they go about getting it?

Having had an ambulance take nearly 15 minutes to get to me the other day i wasnt that well when they got here, if i had been able to nebulise on O2 before they got here i may have been better.

O2 from the medics is from BOC and deliver up to 15litres,

i have been told our local suppliers is Air liquide, so not sure how their cylinders sork, but was previously offered medigas cylinders that only give 2-4 litres, no good for nebulizing with.

any advice welcomed,

george xx

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Hi George,

I have CD BOC lightweight 480lt cylinders for carrying around and a large ZH again variable output (both 1-15ltrs) to use if I need neb via O2 at home or if powercut / breakdown of Concentrator.

You will probably need an assessment from your consultant as you know it is a prescribable item. Your GP may be able to prescribe it (HOOF forms) .

In Essex, it was Vitalair but now covered by BOC. I think BOC covers all cylinders but there are different distributers in different areas (or were) such as Linde air, etc.

Hope this helps!




Thanks Kate,

GP wasnt very helpful , well sec wasnt,

as again need to perhaps talk to Cons, seeing him september so will mention it,

g xx


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