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OTC Nasal Spray Dependancy


I have a question regarding over the counter nasal sprays I have been using one for a couple of years now, I have read that they cause a adverse affect and rebound. I want to get off them, any sugesstions I read using flonase which I have in the past and noticed is the only one that works. I am asthmatic and always found i am congested more than others,i`ve had x rays and tests done to check for sinutitus or any other causes for it and nothing comes out so I am certain its cause of the dependancy I developed on the over the counter ones.

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Hi ya,

The nasal sprays that you are talking about are the decongestants, such oxymetalozine, found in sudafed and other sprays. You can use them periodically but they can cause problems, ie worse congestion if you use them all time.

Using a Steriod Nasal spray such as Flonase all the time is fine (you can now buy this otc). Many people here do, and I have done for years. although longterm use can make you more likely to have nose-bleeds. However you should consult your doctor about it, and it can be cheaper to have it prescribed particularly if you have a prepayment certificate.

I have found using a Saline Rinse an hour before a steroid spray is the best option for me, although sometimes I use decongestants as well, only do so in short bursts for a couple of days.

I hope this of help to you, but you should consult your gp next time you see him/her




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