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fast pulse

hi again,help again please,after trip to docs,i was told i had fast pulse of 126,was told to make appt with con wich i did,when i saw him the following day it was down to 106,was told still a bit fast but ecg was ok just fast,was told that med im on can cause it but havent changed any meds for ages,now and again i can feel my heart pounding.just wondering how other people cope with it,and what is normal as a pulse thanks mandy

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Mandi, lots of the asthma drugs have fast heart rate as a side effect but it is something that should be checked out just in case which it sounds like they are doing. If the pounding is getting worse or you are worried you can always call your GP (in and out of hours) or pop along to your local to get it checked out.



hi bex,ta for reply,yes they do seem to be keeping an eye on it,but i dont kno if its because im thinking to much about it,but my palpatations seem to be becoming more regular,dont want to bother doc again,because to be fair on him he did give me a complete check up when he asked to see me about this prob last week.cant understand why it become worse cos only med im taking diffferant in last few months is for high cholestrol,could that have anything to do with it?thanks again for reply


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