What a Birthday!!!!

Hi everyone

Just feeling sorry for myself, I was vented last weekend for a few days until Monday night surely now the aches and pains and general feeling of being hit by a bus should be better now?? I must be getting too old to cope with it I think because this is no way the first time but I dont remember feeling like this at all. I know it was also my birthday this week as well (age 44) but iv'e woken up 30 years older and feel rotten, I'm expected back at work Tuesday has anyone any ideas for a quick fix?? Sorry to moan but this isn't right any ideas greatly appreciated

Look after yourselves x

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  • hi,

    your body has had a shock and lungs gone through the mill,

    it will take a while to get back to normal as possible so would be

    best go with how you feel and try take some time off work if you can.

    Hope you start to feel better soon,rest and more rest and see doc if need to.

    take care xx

    love Glynis xxx

  • Happy birthday for last week.

    I can only add to what Glynis said about rest, rest and more rest and also when I feel ill and run down I drink fresh fruit juice especially mango, passion-fruit, apple and orange juice. Don't know why but they always seem to help me feel better.

    Take care of yourself and if I was you I would go back to the doctor on Monday and ask for another sick-note and take at least another week off work.

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