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Brompton Severe Asthma Clinic

Hi everyone

I have had troublesome asthma for what seems like for ever and now I am going to be staying and assessed by the Brompton Clinic and am expected to stay for 5 days.

Has anyone else experienced this?? I'm not exactly sure about what is going to happen??

I've done Xolair etc and every kind of elimination diet and they haven't really helped. Its sounds weird but I go to hospital quite a lot usually consisting of a week in ITU and then HDU etc and it's all very last minute as briitle asthma is. Now it's a planned admission I am actually quite apprehensive of it, daft I know. I would be glad of some idea if anyone else has done this please.


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hi Rjaney,

There are a few messages on here by people you might find them.

Can remember they said the Brompton is really nice and more like a home than a hospital and all good messages about it xxx

love Glynis xxx

PS if you go on to the General forum and at the bottom of the page go to page 2 there is info on RBH that you might find helpful xxx


( go on the General forum first page its been bumped up for you from older page)


I have bumped up the ""hospital phobic"" thread in the general forum for you as there is loads there on the RBH difficult asthma protocol. Everyone gets nervous about going to RBH for the first time, I was terrified. Just go with the flow and they really are lovely there.




RBH is loverly!! i was there for 2weeks of IV's a few moths ago and 2weeks ago for 5days for a bronchoscopy and scans and stuff. Its soo nice, they will take away any meds that arnt working and try something else. You will have loads of tests like lung function and scans and prob a test for acid reflux. Everyone is really nice there and you will meet many people in the same situation as you, this helped me alot and i made a life long friend.

love chloe



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