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8 week wait for respiratory specialist appointment!!!

Hi all

Hope you are well and that your are staying warm during this horrid weather!

I'm still signed off work with acute asthma attack and laryngitis (three weeks and counting) and have finally been referred to resp specialist as GP feels my asthma is out of control. This morning I finally had the appointment come through in the post - 27th January 2011 - are they having a laugh? I'm feeling wretched now, I feel like I have an elephant permanently sitting on my chest, I'm awake most nights through tight chestedness (is that a word?). My Gp has changed my inhaler to symbicort 400/12 and I'm not seeing any improvement. In fact I would say the tight chest has worsened as a result and I'm coughing more. However am persevering as I have been on it for four days.

I'm scared because I can't get my asthma under control, fed up and work are beginning to get fed up with me not being there.

Sorry rant over.

Rach. xxxx

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Hi hun, sorry you are so poorly. I dont know if it will do any good but try pushing for an earlier appt. If you can get there at short notice ask if you can have a cancellation appt. I always have to wait at least three weeks to see my asthma nurse every time & it is unacceptable to wait when your asthma is not under control. Thinking of you & hope you start to feel abit better soon.




Have you phoned your Gp to ask if they think it is an unacceptably long time? If they think it is, their secretary might phone the hospital for you.

Hope you start to improve soon, and take care in this cold weather. It is very snowy here, though they have actually started ploughing/gritting the pavements now!



Hi,I would ring your consultants sec up and tell them you could come before if get canceld apts with the snow xxx



Hi all

I attended my local walkin centre this afternoon and my experience wasn't brilliant. On arrival I explained to the receptionist that i am asthmatic and that I had been signed off work for the last three weeks with acute asthma attack and laryingitis. I explained that I was now experiencing pain on the right side of back and side on breathing in and out and that I'm still not sleeping and am very breathless.

I then waited four hours to be seen by the GP.

When I finally went into see the GP he said I see on the screen that you have back pain! My initial response was ""I beg your pardon?!"" I then explained I actually told the receptionist that I am asthmatic etc etc. He apologised for my wait and stated that I should have been seen as a priority because of my asthma. The GP listened to my chest and exclaimed no wonder you're in pain you have pleurisy!! He gave me more antibiotics, told me to rest and phone my surgery on Monday to get them to give me another certificate for work. He then sent me packing.

I'm now back home with a lovely cup of tea. Just wanted to share this with you in the hope that none of you have a similar experience with hospital receptionists!!

Take care



8 weeks isnt too bad when I first was referred I waited 3 months and quite often with appointments a month turns into 3 as they are soo busy!



Maybe the dr can advise the receptionist that your a known asthma and you may get immediate treament in furture. Failing that, ask if the nurse is available. I have found some receptionists are very good others bothersome. Unfortunately they are not doctors but like to give their opinions sometimes.

Glad you got sorted in the end.



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