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What should i do next?

Hi all,

I am hoping that someone may have been through a similar experience of maybe just have some advice that maybe able to help?

I have been experiencing difficulties with my asthma during the past 15 months, where as before i did not really know it was even there. The label is allergic asthma which is quite brittle at this time. Allergys include, dust, grass, moulds and tree fungus...

I do not experience some of the difficult times that others do but despite regular medication including inhalers and tablets, my symptons do not seem to be able to be controlled. I have visited A&E only 4 times with one hospital admission lasting 10 days. I am seen by my local hospital con but he keeps saying that he does not know what to do. I have been prescribed steriods on 22 occasions in 15 months which hospital con is not happy about.

Things have been scary at times and i know that i am my own worst enemy and keep going far too long before seeking any help. Seem to have the idea that i am wasting people's time.

I guess i am inviting anyone to pass on any advice that maybe able to assist me on my way regaining some control over my symptons?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Cory, and welcome to Asthma UK.

It's difficult to advise you specifically without knowing the specifics of your medical history. However, the rest of the site has some general tips for getting your asthma under control - such as trigger avoidance (this prompts a hollow laugh for some people, granted!), how to cope with triggers etc.

It certainly sounds as though your asthma isn't controlled if you've been prescribed so many courses of steroids. I think waiting too long before seeking help if a common thing - people are often anxious that they will be ""wasting the time"" of the health services. Please be assured that this is not the case, and it is always best to seek help early, than wait until it's got rather more serious.

If you feel that you're not getting anywhere with your consultant, try explaining your frustrations to them. They may not realise, without you telling them, what an impact your asthma is having on your life. If you still get no joy, you could always ask for a referral to a different consultant, or even a specialist asthma centre such as the Heartlands Hospital near Birmingham, Southampton, or the Royal Brompton in London.

Hope this is of some help.


(AUK Forum Moderator)


Many thanks for the advice.


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