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Worried newbie with grown up daughter

My daughter is 20, at uni, and was diagnosed with Asthma at 3yrs old. She's never had a severe attack, but has always needed to take medication. She is constantly really really snotty and wheezy, but continues as tho' nothing's wrong - I think she's just used to it. Whenever she visits the doctors, nothing is progressed re: her treatment as she's ostensibly under control.

She often suffers from bad coughs/chest infections and has just finished a course of antibiotics which has not stopped her cough. The doctor had diagnosed a chest infection. She is incredibly snotty, and always sounds like she has a heavy cold. I am beginning to despair she will ever be well, and am feeling very worried about her.

I am wondering about a) acupuncture b) chinese medicine or c) Buteyko technique. Anybody know anything about this? Also, anybody got any other advice about what we can do for her?

Hope someone can offer some advice!!!!

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Maz, I am 20 and at uni. However, my asthma got worse at uni and am now a brittle asthmatic (I've told the lungs they're going through a phase!?!) I understand your worry as a mum has been very worried this term. We (daughters) just desperately don't want to worry you especially as we're miles away (well I'm in Leeds, mum is in Surrey). Tell your daughter about this site...god knows where I would be without it! Just simply talking to others or reading information really helps.

Even though your daughter has never had a severe attack, constant symptoms indicates poor control. Does your daughter have an asthma nurse? If not, consider changing GP practices which is what I have had to do. A good GP/nurse may find 'tweeking' medication to be of great help.

With regards to complementary therapies, I have not tried any although am very interested...sorry not to be of more help.

Feel free to private message me if you want to.

Hope I have been of some help

Emily x


Thanks for your reply. Yes, us mothers worry even when you're in your 20s!!!! I think I will have to wheel her off to our local doctors, even tho she's registered in her uni town (Reading). Am wondering if stress of dissertation (I can't even spell it!) and exams is making asthma worse, and causing her to look and sound ill all the time.

What is brittle asthma????


Hi Maz

I have left uni now (4 years ago in fact) but when was at uni was pretty much the same as your daughter asthma wise though had had severe attacks b4 I went with hospitalisation my years at uni were costa stay free with just the odd emergency trip for a neb, and few courses of pred.

Uni was some of the best years of my life burning the candles at both ends of the day with study and socialising which I’m sure didn’t help with keeping the coughs and colds at bay and since your always in such a close environment with lots of other students a fine breeding ground for bugs! Even none asthmatic friends of mine were continuously battling against them.

I hope this helps to lessen your worries some, your probably also right that the stress of exams and coursework is also contributing but I’m sure knowing her mum is at the other end of the phone and there for giving lots of TLC come holiday time helps her loads. I also agree with Emily that seeing an asthma nurse at her uni gp’s or switching gp if they haven’t got one in order to get a review of her meds is worth considering. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about complementary therapies but if you do a search of the old boards found here I’m sure u’ll find lots of info.

I wish your daughter good luck in her studies.


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