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Odd sound

I can hear what I think is my lungs inflating and deflating. Sounds like a small drum. Sensation probably similar to the one experienced by my nursery hot water bottle when daft uncle would try inflating it by his mouth. Can feel lungs going in and out. Odd one.

Putting earphones on and listening to Trance podcast. Bit of luck drumbeat there will drown out my own. Chest X-ray appt. booked by doc before he went on holiday, is tomorrow anyway. Anything really odd, it'll show up. In fact that's probably why noticing every little thing - down to anxiety over tomorrow. DH can't come with me either as, would you believe, fixing equipment in another hospital.

Oh well. Have to be a brave little soldier :)

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sounds really odd doesnt it..

no ideas grannymo sorry only maybe you have hearing problem rather than a problem with chest, if you seem what i mean - like tinnitus etc..

anyways good luck for xray tomorrow/ today

it seems fri is an important today for a few of us... hope it goes the rite way for all of us :)

hope you can get some sleep before the appt and the anxiety is laid to rest.



good luck for the xray.... hope all is welll.


Good luck Granny - hope it goes well today :)


Best of luck! Drs I see always seem to be fairly chest X-ray happy so hopefully just being cautious and nothing there.


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