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Asthma review yesterday, my asthma nurse so-so with last two weeks graph. Though apparently I've moved up from 60 % to 75%. (?) I've to stay on Seretide but on 2 puffs twice a day for the next month then come and see her again.

Put prescription into bigger branch of Boots. Cheery chap behind the counter asked if it was for me, as I collapsed onto a chair, red in the face having rushed along from Starbucks. So yes! He smiled, and his colleague came around with a form. Trainee pharmacist, he's checking the asthma control of 60 people. Logo of AUK on the form. Asked if could add me as one of the 60. OK.

Treatment history so far, asked about peak flows and could I fill in the 6 or so questions by ringing answers. His boss totted up my score and surprise, surprise I'm not well controlled.

Chap asked me to describe how I took the inhaler, which I did including the holding breath for count of 3. Suggested I hold for a count of 10 to allow steroid to descend to lungs, then take second puff some 20 - 30 seconds later. Holding for a count of 10 again. Which I tried with some difficulty last night. Better at it this morning - got to count of 8.

Looked forward to seeing me next time I put in prescription.

Anyone else come across this survey/form? Idea of holding for count of 10?

Sorry for long post.

GM 8)

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I thought it was supposed to be a count of 5 - well that's all I can manage. Do you use a spacer? Without having to worry about the technique (so much) you might then be able to focus much more on the in breath and holding breath?

Did they just ask about technique or test with a dummy device and a thing that looks a bit like a reverse peak flow meter that shows how quickly you're breathing in. Boots did this with me although then gave me completely incorrect information because they didn't have experience of the new device I use nor did they seem aware that my different devices require different techniques.

I haven't had the survey done, but I have had a prescription review at Boots although I think they regretted asking me for this when they went to print out my records and a small forest came out of the printer!!!


Oh and the 60% - 75% - is that of your personal best peak flow (i.e. the best reading you have ever got) or of your expected peak flow (based on age and weight) if you don't have a recored best peak flow?

Either way, at 75% (and certainly at 60%) I would be asking about next steps as this is indicative of poorly controlled asthma. I think well controlled asthma is considered to be between 85% - 100% of your personal best.


I am in the 60 - 75% range and they have me on more meds and have just added more today as last lot havent done much. You need to be asking for a step up, i agree with ratty. Although Seretide does have two medicines in one. You are in the yellow zone in that range and yellow is caution. Have you ever thought of asking to see a consultant? (sorry if it dont make sense a bit out of it today)



Zone 2? Um..

Hi. Thanks for replying.


Think that may be the direction Asthma nurse is heading if not improved by next month. I'd been under the impression consultant only if had A&E admissions ie asthma quite bad.

I'm still new to all this, so apologies if asking obvious questions.

I'm using spacer with the seretide. Rinsing out mouth and brushing teeth immediately finished. On clenil, I found my eyesight affected a little at the start but maybe that was the week's pred still in system for a wee while. Seretide so far seems fine re eyesight. If anything, its better.

GM xx


I have read in the instructions, many years ago that inhaler puffs should be held for up to 10 seconds and then a minute apart! I try...............


Straight line?

OK Since Thurday evening, 2 puffs Seretide twice a day. Peak flow stays at 300 morning and night. What gives? I've checked the peak flow meter and its not sticking. I take the seretide through spacer as I did when on 1 puff twice a day.

No symptoms, no wheeze, no cough. Asthma nurse at review, Thursday, said should be an earthquake tremor graph and as I had straight lines on two occasions - 200, put me up to 2 puffs twice daily. Any ideas?

A Puzzled GM 8)


Sorry if this has already been suggested/done, but has your nurse carefully checked you peak flow meter technique (there is actually more to it than just blowing) to ensure you're using it correctly and so getting correct readings?


Hi ratty, Yes, she checked routine. Following the instructions to the letter.

Kept yawning all morning, fine otherwise. Bit tired now, but then I've had two busy evenings on the trot.


Hey there GrannyMo,

Not a huge amount of help I'm afraid but I'm having the same symptom just now. Not ill...just can't get PF up above 320 (normal for me is 500) since I had a chest infection a few weeks ago. I've reduced my seretide back to 2 puffs morning and difference (I had doubled it when poorly as per my asthma plan). I'm due to see the consultant on the 4th November and will be discussing it with him then. I am puzzled though as Seretide has been great for me for the past few years.

Hope things improve for you - much sympathy



GM, sent you email .. son 109


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