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Antihistamine and a gin & tonic

Previously had Loratadine for hayfever and no probs whatsoever.

This year, I note the sticky label from the pharmacist says to avoid alcohol. Nothing really about that on the insert within the box. Took a tablet on Sunday morning, that evening I had a thumping headache after 1 gin and tonic. Put it down to just being over-tired.

Tonight I tried again, but halfway through 1st G&T, had to stop as headache had started again.

Wondering if it is the asthma (Zone 1 according to the Asthma UK help card that has just arrived in the mail) or just old age catching up with me?

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Hi there, just throught I would let you know that I am afraid I cannot drink at all any more since taking round the clock antihistamines and daily antihistamine - it gives me a pounding headache and even the smallest amount of alcohol makes me feel poisoned and am violently sick. I also take lots of asthma meds and have read that alcohol can make your allergies and asthma worsen. Maybe try switching to a different type of alcohol but if the problem is still there....

Good luck!!


Hi Tamsin,

Thanks for replying.

Over the past two years, I'd been taking one Loratadine a day for allergic rhinitis No ill effects after two G&Ts. Which is why I was a bit surprised at this sudden headache.

Thinking I might not take the chance with anything else.

That headache is definitely not to be repeated. 8>(



Would it be inappropriate to settle for the G&T and forgo the antihistamines ??


On the other hand, I have taken loratadine every day for some years now, and have no problems having the odd drink.

Guess it must be an individual thing. Have to say as a doc I've never heard about a specific interaction between loratadine and alcohol, and as you say, there's nothing on the patient info leaflet about it either.


No previous problems with Loratidine which pre the asthma diagnosis, I was given as a year round prescription. The thought being that excessive coughing, phlegm and occasional wheeze was an allergic thing.

This year, I have the Loratidine for hayfever which, for me, usually goes from March to mid-Sept.

Monday night, tried an experiment. I didn't take the hayfever tablet for that day and had 2G&Ts. No headache at all.

Its probably is just me. That's what my friends are saying. LOL


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