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asthma review


had a letter in the post last friday from our doctors surgery stating i was overdue an asthma review , (WHICH I MUST ADMIT I AM ) so i rang them this morning after 15mins of listening to there music whilst waiting for the switch board to put me throught to appointment i was greeted rather rudley !!! i explained that i needed an appointment at the asthma clinic she simply replied they are fully booked , that if i ring them on friday i might (just might) get an appointment in DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Luckily i am not in a huury for an appointment however i need to see someone sooner rather than later as ive notice through the last month my asthma is slowly worsening :-( . good luck to anyone who is in a real emergency !!!!!!

TINX xxxx

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sorry for my little rant . got mum to work har magic got an appointment on 1st december

luv tinx



No need to apologise, best get it out of one's system, that get worked up inside. Don't help the asthma either if stressed. If you are finding that your asthma syptoms are worsening prehaps it would be advisable to see your gp sooner.


I made an appointment with the asthma nurse this afternoon, cant get one untill 10th November, I cant wait that long so going to make another drs appt 2morrow. I have just had antibiotics for chest infection hasnt helped much, hope to get more & inhalers to help too.


it so amazes me how places are so different, my yearly review is normally in Dec but my surgery phoned me yest to say that the nurse wants to see me sooner after the bad attack I had whilst there a few weeks ago and offered me an appt basically whenever I wanted, she had virtually every day available...

Things should be the same countrywide though!



thanks for advice

sorry that you have been feeling so ill to LMC

and i definatley agree with the fact it should be the same countrywide !!!!!

im afraid to say thats its just as difficult to get an appointment with a gp that i will actually see (im slightly fussy!)as it is to get one at asthma clinic . ive got an appoinment in december so im holdin on to that one for now

thanks again anyway



hi, yeah not been feeling great, i couldnt wait until 10th november so went back to dr & she sent me for a chest x-ray, not heard anything yet, so hoping all is ok. I'm on a new preventer inhaler. Still coughing quite a bit. GP advised i still keep the appointment with asthma nurse.

The cold weather is not helping at the moment. Have to go out with scarf around me nose & mouth.




I rang GP at 8 this morning and was seen by half 8 and home by ten past nine!

However if i wanted to prebook a non emergency app or asthma clinic am looking at mid Dec and by ten past 8 in this morning the Dr's app for today were all gone, only know cos ill friend text me ranting about it this morning.

So all in all my Dr surgery is great as long as you decide you are ill by 7:59 and keep your finger on the redial button on phoneas soon as your accurate clock hits 08:00 or get to dr's to join app queue by 08:00

If your too sick to get out of bed to get there or to a phoneby 08:00 tough stay ill till tomorrow and take your chance again!


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