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What happens now?

i've only been diagnosed around a month and I was put on a reliever for 3 weeks and it still remained uncontrolled, so I was put on a preventer a week an a half ago and going back on friday, but last friday I had an attack and it's remained at a pretty poor level since then needing my reliever everyday, what will happen when i go on friday will my doses be increased or will i be put on another type of med?

thanks in advance :)

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Preventers sometimes take a while to start working... but your GP might decide to put you on a Long acting reliver as well as a preventer these are sertide or symicort. Its still early days and some education and management is sometimes a good idea. I reccomend seeing your surgery's Asthma nurse, they are good with newly diagnosed and those early on the guildlines.

Though at the moment might seem like your never going to get better but the earlier you get on top of it the better!


Thanks! yeah my doctor said it would take about a week or two to start working, what's a long acting reliever, would I have to take it on top of the preventer and reliever?

Yeah I just want it controlled so badly, it's taking over my life so much, not being able to work or sleep is irritating at the least!


A long acting reliver is the next step in managment normally its a combination inhaler that has a preventer aswell so dont need a extra inhaler.

Dont let it ruin and take over though might not seem like it at the moment as its all new, from the medications you are on you still classed as being mild. Keep going on with daily living, learn what makes you worse and your triggers.

I must also add at the moment its been very cold and this can make it worse so just as it seems out of control at the moment as it warms up might get better on its own.


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