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When is asthma under control?


I'm a few weeks away from my next consultant check up. Last time I saw him, he said that if the asthma wasn't ""under control"" the next time I saw him, he'd be thinking about injections. This isn't something I'm keen on!

The asthma is certainly a lot better than it was. I'm hoping the improvement will be enough to hold him off taking me to the next step (5). I'm using ventolin a lot less than I was but still need it a few times a day. My peak flow varience is also better than it was.

Is ""under control"" determined in the same way on the higher BTS steps as the lower ones? How is he likely to work out if I'm in control or not?

If I have an idea now, it will help me deal with the appointment when it comes. Also, my GPs quite good so if there is a possibiliy they'll take me to step 5, it'll help me if I chat with him before the appointment.

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I would think it would be when you can get on your self with the treatment

you are on and not need to see the doc or AnE or hospital stays.

Think its hard though as asthma can change so fast and the mildest asthmatic can soon

get in to difficulty just as much as a severe asthmatic who has been stable for a while.

I think we know our own bodies and if we feel we have been ok for a year or more on the treatment

we are on then we are sort of stable but still need to be aware what might happen and keep a reliever with us all the time.

hope that helps but only my view ,

love Glynis xxxx


Under Control

I think doctor's consider the need to use your rescue inhaler more than three times a week a bad thing. It sounds like you know and trust that your doctor is good. If I were you I would listen to him. I'm sure that he can bring to a point where you don't need your inhaler so often, maybe even less than the general three times a week standard. It takes time to treat asthma, it doesn't get under control over night. Good Luck:)


It'd be good to get below 5 times a day right now, with ventolin. I'm also doing a short course of pred with the next hospital clinic appt in less than 2 weeks. Looks like I might be looking at step 5 which I'm not happy about. Maybe I've been doing something wrong so can avoid it, I suspect not but am hoping the chest guys can identify something to avoid moving me up.

What are the step 5 options that might be considered? Any info will be greatly appreciated, at least then I can go in with some idea of what they might talk about. That said, I'm still hoping I can avoid it!


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