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Is it a flare up?

I am currently taking Seretide am and pm to control my asthma which works fine. Every now and again though I feel as though my asthma is flaring up, my chest feels constricted and feel like i can't get a full breath in or out but the thing that confuses me is that my peak flow is bang on (530). Wondered if anyone else has had this strange feeling.

PS: I have been under alot of stress recently because of the children playing up over Easter, could it be this?


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Hi Helen,

Not had exactly what you describe but peak flow can be out of sync with symptoms - I know mine doesn't necessarily correlate at all with how breathless I'm feeling and can get stuck at 540 for ages even when things are going downhill. (Mind you, whatever is going on with me is quite odd so not necessarily helpful for anyone else. On the other hand one of the reasons I think I still may have asthma even though it's been questioned is that other people on here have had the same issues with peak flow that I do!)

Stress, and even excitement, can be a trigger so that might have set things off.

Hope it goes away! xx


Hope stress is tackled and asthma settles if not make sure to confer with medical services okay.



Thanks everyone for replying - it feels alot better today cos I'm doing deep breathing and trying to relax my mind - it just shows how stress can mess up your asthma. xx H


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