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Hi am new - to here and to asthma!

Only diagnosed in November. I didn't really believe it to be honest. Had chest infection that went on and on and on. In and out hosp. Diagnosed with asthma. Given inhaler - it helped. Then I got better.

And only felt bad when near strong perfume etc.

Then last monday started wheezing and coughing and chest grunting. Its been a terrifying week. I have suddenly had to believe that acually I do have asthma. Now on inhaler lots plys preventor one and on steroid tabs, pred something and antibiotics.

Peak flow is 450 when I am ok, its 250 at the moment and I feel awful. I dont really understand how suddenly I have asthma, where hasit come from?! I know very little about it.

Been on the webpages here lots only discovered tonight there are forums :)

Any advice in accepting a diagnosis? I am struggling to understand whats happening to be honest.

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Welcome giraffes,

Asthma can start any age ,mine started at 43 out of the blue.

Some people manage on a reliever inhaler and sometimes need a preventer inhaler.

Some times add on treatments are needed like long acting relievers or preventer or steroid inhaler or tablets and short courses of steroid tablets.

It can take a while to find what works for you and sometimes lung function tests and allergy tests are needed.

There is lots of information on this sight you can read up on eg triggers etc.

When your doctor or asthma nurse finds out what works for you they can do a action plan that

helps you to see what to increase and decrease but that will get sorted in time as you find out

what works for you.

Hope you feel better ,love Glynis xxx


Hello! I am new-ish too - diagnosed in May aged 33.

I didn't believe it at first and I think accepting it and getting my meds right is a work in progress.

I guess the best thing I can advise is talk to your dr/nurse if you don't understand things, keep your chin up, and don't be too hard on yourself if you don't feel well.

Oh yes, and the people here are very supportive - they've got me through some tricky times over the past 6 months.


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