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Hi All. Went to see Occupational health yesterday as referred to them as hit the trigger for informal monitoring. My last of sickness was march. I came away feeling I'd done ten rounds with Mike Tyson! Totally deflated and somewhat in disbelief at what had happened. Basically, she went through everything I do, noted it down and felt she criticised me for having an active life outside work. Then when I said I was getting married in September well that obviously too stressful. Just felt she was saying that it was my active life which was affecting my health not work and shift patterns. Now think she would have a point if I was sick every week but I'm not. The job I do is highly stressful and then awful shift patterns don't help. I went for support not criticism. So because I'm asthmatic does that mean i have stay at home when I'm not working? Some people I work with do a lot of extra shifts as always short staffed, some have other things they do and also have a family. I don't have children. Just felt meeting was waste of time. When I mentioned disability act got told they have to record sickness which I know but it shouldn't mean I hit triggers. Unless i was off all the time. Just really shocked by lack of support and felt i was wrong for having a life outside work.catherine

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  • Oh dear, that's not particularly helpful. Do you work in the NHS by any chance? Surely they know if you're less active you could be more prone to illness? Wonder what their attitude is to people off with children sick then? If you have to go again see someone else-should be more than one doctor/nurse esp if large hospital trust.

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    Hi Tj. Yes i do work for NHS. I also volunteer at a church as a priest. She seemed so focussed on me doing that and not the fact actually it was shifts patterns. I enjoy my church work and that is not stressful. I could have understood if I'm off each wk but its usually every 6mths. Just makes you cross. I'm not putting my life on hold because I have asthma. I live with asthma not letting it control my life. I'll have a chat with my clinical lead tomorrow. :-)

  • Hmmm NHS Occupational Health.... I don't have anything at all constructive say, but I've had more than my fair share of 'issues' when it comes to OH!! Sometimes it feels that all the ever do is create problems for people who want to work!

    I hope you feel better about the situation after talking to your clinical lead

    Dawn x

  • I went out for lunch with my vicar today and on our way I told her what was said, she was horrified. She said it was utter rubbish that Occ health were suggesting my church work was effecting my health and she would support me on this in a letter if neccessary. She said infact it puts the support systems in place to help with the stress of work. Hey ho. ;o)

  • You have my sympathy. I also work for the NHS and have had problems with Occ Health. The first nurse I saw made me feel awful...very similar to your experience and I was very reluctant to go see them again but got referred by my line manager after another admission. Saw a different nurse who couldn't have been better. Very supportive and lovely and I felt she really understood what I was saying.

    Good Luck!

  • My 1st occy health consultant was wonderful.... She always went on how management knew I was asthmatic when they employed so why where they concerned I was off sick due to asthma ... Occy health did request that I didn't work nights and only did short shifts which my ward Sister complied with but she refused the rest saying it was an unreasonable request this was 2 work no more than 2 days together and only do early shifts..... The dda only state that reasonable adjustment be made and that's where the law fell down as no definition of reasonable .... In the end my contract with the nhs was terminated on grounds that I was unfit for purpose of employment, as despite reasonable adjustment to my role I was still unable to do the job.... So just be careful the dda doesn't mean they can't end ur contract.... It still can happen

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