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i am giving up smoking but before i do i am tyaking part in a study

well when i went to clinic with georgie the other day they asked if anyone smoked in our family, i said i did but smoked outside so it wouldn't effect him, well you can imagine the response i got i honestly thought it was 'safe' for me to smoke outside i have tied to give up but to no avail perhaps i am just weak. well his asthma nurse asked if i would take part in a study were they give georgie a urine test and test it to measure the level of nicotine etc in his urine then he gets tested in 3 months roughly, 50 per cent get told results the first test 50 per cent don't they want to see if u are told your child has x y and z in urine because of you bascially if u'd give up or at least reduce. i know if the results show i am harming him although i only smoke in my garden i wioll never smoke again



oh and when i get results will let ppl know

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Good luck if you decide to give up. you can do anything you want if you want to do it. of course that doesn't make it easy. saying that am sure that all on here will give you that extra bit of suppoert you ned if you really decide to give up.

go for it.



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