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hi all i spoke a few days ago re my daughter danielle. anyway she has since got worse and was back at booth hall a and e yesterday. to cut a long story short the doctor their thought there was a chance of a clot on her lung and did a specific blood test that had to be sent to penlebury childrens hospital, the result came back positive. which apparently meant there could be or may not be a clot. at this point he called in the proffesor who said disagree no scan, go home, its costochondiritis. I could tell the doctor was not happy so i asked him, and off the record, he said to me, I can not over rule the professor who is more experienced than me and i hope my gut instinct is wrong and it is not a clot. and then the key i think was that the professor is in charge of funding he stated that.

needless to say danielles has now had a million and one diagnosis from inflammation, pleurisy, infection to clot. and she is just getting more and more pain. i seem to be fighting a system here, surely the best thing is to do a scan and hopefully rule out a clot if nothing else. as the doctor said he has never seen someone with muscular skeletal so bad for so long and he was clearly unhappy but unable to do much. i have even tried to find her a specialist privately, but that seems difficult when its paediatrics. can anyone help or advise me.

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