Could anyone advise as to whether it is wise to buy matress covers etc and if so, do you have any advice on particular materials/brands/features I should look for. I am thinking in particular about my father who is old and has some nasty struggles with asthma from time to time and my 7 year old daughter who has her ups and downs and is at the moment on her brown inhaler once daily to keep her right. If anyone thinks this would be better posted in the general forum or the parents and carers, that advice too would be helpful. I'm new to all this! Thank you x

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  • Hi.think you can buy them most places and yes best use them with asthma x also can get fine weave sheets also but not sure where from.Google about for Glynis xxx

  • I've always had mattress protectors and shake them out every time I make beds - it's surprising how much dust comes out! Have sent you a PM.

  • hi-yep i would but them. use mine constantly, wash at a high temp and hoover everything including the mattress. it really does help and is amazing how much dust comes out of them. got some of mine from debenhams and some from argos-no massive different in quality really x

  • Thank you all for your replies- wish I'd thought of asking ages ago. x

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