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have i developed a wheeze?

just started new preventer and reliever inhalers but since then i've started getting symptoms more often. When i get my symptoms i also now hear a whistle when i breathe in, but its only really quiet, is this a wheeze, i thought it'd be much louder. I.m going to have to visit doc/nurse next week anyway as i.m struggling with both inhalers anyway.

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hi September,

Not sure if its a wheeze mine only happens when have a chest infection and can hear it

but apart from that can only be heard with my docs thing he sounds your chest with.

Wise to see your doc or asthma nurse if you are having probs with your new inhalers so they

can check you how you use them.

Love Glynis xxxx


hi- i wheeze most of the time so i only notice thats its worse than normal when someone else points it out as im used to it. maybe ask friends and family if its audible and if it is ask your asthma nurse about it x


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