Just a quick one, just been given Seretide to try (after 10 days on Pulmicort made me worse), do I need to wait for the effects to build up or should I see a difference pretty much straight away. Just wondered if the LABA part of it should work immediately?

EDIT - And should I take it as I get up and as I go to bed, or should I aim for 12 hours apart?

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  • hi

    i found results within weeks on the 250 dose the 500 dose works wonders for me. The LABA (serevent) is good as it does make a big big difference compared the steriod only preventers.

    Give it a week or two to build up.

  • Yes, give it a fortnight to work - the steroid part to reduce any inflammation.

    I found having the LABA (serevent) and the steroid (flixotide) in separate inhalers preferable as I take the serevent, wait 2 hours for it to work and then take my flixotide.

    I fear under the coming cuts that I will end up back on seretide though. Won't be the end of the World though.

    I think once in morning and once at night is the recommended dose - the LABA is supposed to last 12 hours but I guess that varies dependent on how you respond. So I guess first thing in morning, then at night is the way to go.

    Personally, I don't think you have to be spot on to the minute and an hour or two either way will not be the end of the World IMPO - just go along with what feels best for you. You will get a feel for it as it begins working.

  • I've used Seretide in the past and it's a brilliant drug (or drugs to be correct). Aim for 12 hours between doses if you can, don't worry if you go over though but don't do 7am and something like 11pm that's too much of a difference.

    Yes it'll take a few weeks before you see the real benefits and then actually I found the next few months things improved so fingers crossed. Like Bob, I have separate inhalers now, but only so I can adjust the steroid dose up or down more freely depending on how I am without altering the LABA (long acting beta agonist-salmeterol).

  • Son and I both switched to Seretide about 3 years ago - I noticed an improvement in my asthma after a while (think it was a gradual thing). Also noticed son's asthma improved when his dose was increased earlier this year (to 250 - same as me).

  • i think it might me worth testing seretide out first and then splitting to see if does you any good. My gp kept adding extra top ups every time i develope a new symptom but that didnt help i ended up getting results out a of totally different inhaler.

    but i still have the seretide inhaler and a flixotide one. Random question, is the standard LABA (serevent) dose only a 250 mcg per day? That cant be topped up?

  • Hi september20,

    i just wanted to add, if your not using a spacer with the seretide then use one. I had to go back to gp and get one as this can prevent the sore/ hoarse throats that it can cause. But as others have mentioned it does take about 2 weeks to work.

    Good luck.


  • @Confused,

    Salmeterol (Serevent) is 25mcg/actuation and the guidelines up until easter was that it had a maximum daily intake of 100mcg, that's a total of 4 puffs per day, but it's now officially recognised that in severe cases that may be doubled.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies, I'll keep my fingers crossed that things improve soon then, I'm impatient you see, like to see results straight away!!LOL. Also worried coz things got worse while on Pulmicort hence why nurse stepped me up, plus I'm going on holiday in 3 weeks and was hoping to be settled with my meds before I go.

    I've set my alarm to aim on taking around 12 hours apart otherwise I'd take at 7am and 11pm when I get up and go to bed.

    Also Woody-Som, nurse never said anything about using a spacer, do I need a prescription? What would I need to get, whats best? Do you still do the big breath in or tidal breathe?

    Also is the LABA a cumulative effect like the steriod? IS it true you can become used to the LABA and therefore need to increase over time?

    Anyway, I had a better day today only needed Vent 2 times, to be fair I've had a lazy day though!

  • Hi

    I use a large volume spacer (volumatic) for Seretide and Ventolin and find it much easier! I brought mine at the chemist; was cheaper than paying prescription charge. I have a PPC now which will save me a fortune as already in August have had 4 items!

    Only problem with Volumatic is that it is bulky; have tried a smaller spacer but didn't get on with it!

  • Hi hb,

    yeah when you get a spacer make sure gp gives you the one to fit your inhalers. If you can take one of your inhalers to try it before you take spacer home, this can save having to go backwards and forwards to your gps to get the right spacer. My gp gave me the prescipt and pharmacist told me it was cheaper to buy it over the counter. This is sometimes the case with peak flow meters.

    sj x

  • Am I right in thinking, that when my lovely neighbours and the council are out cutting the grass, that when the seretide has kicked in, it won't set me off??

    Will look into the spacer then but will buy over counter, thanks wolfspirit re checking inhaler fits too!!

  • Hi september20,

    when council cut the grass near you shut the windows and keep shut for a least 1 hr after. Also have you tried taking piriteeze/ zirtek/ piriton if you have probs like that? they can be quite useful.The preventer and protector in the seretide will help stop the irritation to your lungs so prevent a serious attack. Have a look at asthma site they have info on outdoor triggers and hayfever they may have some useful snippets on there. You can also get emails about the air quality and pollen counts for each day - i get these. One site that does the daily pollen count is piriteeze, that way you get prior warnings.

    Glad to be of help, little snippets that i've picked up that might save people a lot of hassle.


  • Ah right, so the hayfever element of cut grass will still be there but the seretide will stop the asthma playing up too bad.

    I've been taking over the counter antihistamines for the past few days as I was getting dry eyes, itchy throat/roof of mouth and itchy ear. They guys on AUK helpline reckon it sounded like hayfever yet my asthma nurse laughed and said she'd not heard of those being hayfever before. She said best see GP but I don't like bothereing the GP so thought I'd try some OTC stuff first. It does seem to have helped these symptoms but I guess GP will only give me the same stuff as I've got from chemist?

    Will look into Priteeze pollen count emails, thanks

  • @september200****

    if you have PPC then request a spacer, the standard volumatic can be purchased slightly cheaper than a standard prescription, that was how I got my first but now request replacements. Regarding the breathing, I tend to take three big

  • Thanks Woody-som

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