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is there more out there like me!?

I must admit, Im getting rather frustrated with my asthma this year like every by the seems of it...

BUT these new baby docs are really annoying and im now starting to think whether it is true or not. once I am admitted and having all the ""quick response"" a and e pile her with drugs treatment, the ward docs seem to think that it is a lot to do with panicing and they are thinking that anxiety is a huge part with my asthma...

I just wanted to know if there are more people out their who -

1. panic during an attack/(im sure it is) but is it normal as docs seem to get really frustrated that i panic

2.i know anxiety isnt a trigger for astha but i know it has a huge effect on asthma especially suring an attack, and wondered whether there are more people out there with the same situation.

3.find that knowing to much information about asthma/triggers/medication etc does more damage than good.

4.get frustrated that your doctors are running out of ideas of the best way to treat you as the medication just doesnt seem to be working!


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Hi Charlie,

Meant to say on Costa thread glad you're out (think you said you were), sorry for missing you out!

Don't have that much useful to offer but just wanted to say some people do find emotions and stress can be a trigger. My uncle used to get attacks with stress or excitement (eg at Christmas, night before going back to school) - not quite the same but if you do get anxious about having an attack (which wouldn't be surprising in the circumstances) it might be enough to tip the balance when you are already prone to attacks - something that might not matter if your asthma was more stable but as it isn't every little thing could be adding to it and then you get a bit of a vicious cycle!


I know I get episodes when laughing intensly such as id cough and get a really irrated chest which is annoying...and the times that I do panic are when the doctors seem to take forever or they flap...on I had on thursday night took 8 attemps on an ABG and flapped when he could hear very little air entry...that then panics me because their panicing!



Baby doctors? Guess they haven't learned how to control that yet and don't have experience - and then you probably mimic their panicking without realising and it makes you worse! They need to learn not to flap but I guess it will come with time and doesn't help you meanwhile!

8 attempts at an ABG though...ouch. They should have given up sooner and got someone more experienced to have a go, that's just not fair.

I don't know much about it but could you benefit from being referred to a difficult asthma centre? If they think anxiety is a major contributor they should try to do something about that, but if not, then maybe the RBH or somewhere could help.


the docs seem to pressume that I am panicing whilst on the ward and then they do the ABG and realise that im not...they just think that anxiety plays a small part in my asthma as when my attacks first started happeing i paniced massivly! bearing in mind before this year i have never been admitted for my asthma at all, so i rekon i had good reasons to panic lol

and yes 8 ABG attempts, thank god im used to them, my wrists look a mess now though from the bruises and the lumps and scars.

yeah im under a chest physician now after asthma being so bad this year. but there isnt alot going for us asthmatics in the south west area, well not that I have been told anyway...

ive been told that when and if i can eventually get of off pred then they can do allergy tests and if they come back possitive then I can have the xolier injection, but they dont want to start it without the tests..they have also told me that they next line on medication for me is methotrexate and i really dont want to start that either. :D



I had allergy tests done for IGE levels whilst on pred and got the go ahead for xolair


I also had allergy tests while on pred,and have started Xolair-before the allergy tests I would have said that stress was my biggest trigger,and then of course more stress when having attack, and stress and tension from pred,but things have changed so much since starting Xolair that I think the allergys had more affect than I realised,have spent past 2 years thinking it was all my own fault because I wasn't able to handle anxiety!


glad im not the only one then!

i no it is only natural to have a certain amount of anxiety as we are only human, ive also recently been told that i have low cortisole level aswell, and as far as im aware the adrenal glands control your stress level aswell etc dont they?! so surly if the docs controlled my cortisole level then it would also help my stress/anxiety and my asthma may get better...or is that to logical lol

im working my way up the medication brands before they jump straight into the injections, hoping that the nebs will help first...but i no the injection medication is the next in line for me.

thank you guys, massive help!!



It`s normal.

Altho` I`ve only just developed athsma(that`s why I`ve only just replied to this thread) it`s in my family including my Mother.She was told by a doctor that panic is a natural reaction of the brain to not enough oxygen in the brain. And it does kinda make sense-doesn`t it? If that`s true why are these medics getting frustrated with you-they should know that too. And I`m frustrated with doctors already and I`ve only had it since this spring!!


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