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i didnt know this but recently when was on the ward after another ITU admission i got quite upset and said to my consultant that i feel it takes an age to feel better again ... and as soon as do then back to square one again!!

he said that apparently for everyday spent intubated in itu is equiv to a week on the ward ... was shocked but it deff made sense after thinking !! has anyone else been told this? xx

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  • i too was told tigs roxy i was also told that my vivid dreams and wierd emotional moments were all probably caused by the stress of being seriously unwell. It really got me down. The icu outreach nurses said it could take 2 years for the emotional effects of intubation to fully year off. Thankfully my icu admissions are usually fairly short but hdu ones longer stil ive had 5 hdu admissions and 3 icu admissions tigs year which is a scary prospect and is hardly surprising i feel odd sometimes. I find i burst into tears very easily when watchin programs that may tackle serious illness or intubation- dont know whether its just too close to home and my brain is still trying to process the fact i was so seriously unwell.

    Anyone else feel wierded out by things like that? Or is it just me. Sorry if that makes people think of uneasy memories just wondered if i was the only one feeling wierd or not.? I always get slightly panicky now when they send anaethetists down to see me as i get scared its all happening again which obviously doesnt help the asthma!

    Hope everyone is staying well lv kat


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