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Oral Thrush

Can anyone give me some advice? I've had almost permanent oral thrush since last April despite being on oral steroids and nebulised steroids since 2005 and only having the odd issue. Normally it would respond to a course of flucanazole but since last year the only drug which hs worked has been amphoteracin b which has to be given iv in hospital. I live with it until the 'deposits' cause such sickness I'm on anti sickness tablets and injections at home that I end up in A&E needing iv steroids. I'm under NWLC and the specialisist fungal consultant and have been told I have genetic issue meaning I cannot fight fungal infections on my own.

I'm so fed up I either put up with the oral thrush (despite rinsing, using alcohol free mouthwash,and a sugar free pre and probiotic supplement) or have the medication at a dose where the side effects mean I can't go to far rom a bathroom. I've asked about changing my diet and was advised it would probably do more harm and there is no evidence that a wheat and yeast free diet would help. I've tried an inhalor where the steroid is only activated when it reaches the lungs but don't have sufficient strength in my hands to use it. I've tried the 'aids' to help use it but they don't give a constant dose because they weren't designed for this inhalor's manufacturer.

My prednisolone is now at its lowest level, but the feeling of your throat being swollen and having to have a bland easy to swallow diet is stating to get to me. I know its not life threatening but it is life limiting. I can't do my job with an infection like this. The only preparation of amphoteracin available for use at home is lozenges which aren't strong enough.

Does anyone have any other ideas on what I can do to get rid of it or to ease the symptoms? I'm had 4 admissions and numerous A&E visits because of it which seems ironic as its not actually my asthma causing me to go to hospital.

Many thanks


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I really feel for you oral thrush is horrible.The only thing that i do some times is to rinsing with a sage tea.Made from a few sage leaves steep in hot water and left to go cold.(Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding.)Sage has a high resin content which makes it antiseptic and slighly sticky.Ideal for treating sore throats and mouth infections.

I hope this helps



I can sympathise a bit!

I get it down my oesophagus and it is so irritating. I was given oral Itraconazole tablets last year which seemed to help a bit. Now I just chuch down a quick 5 day course if needed or sometimes buy 150mg fluconazole OTC if a touch anoying.

Also, I have tried tea tree oil lozenges and also TT mouth wash too. You can also dilute a few drops of neat TT oil in water for a mouth wash - extremly 'refreshing' though!

I eat live yogurt too but not sure if that just sooths it.

I notice the thrush more if I eat sugary stuff. Sugar does feed the fungi. Diets, free from wheat, yeast etc are not proven...(so you can still eat Marmite)

Can't think of anything else. Fungi is such a stubborn beast!




Oral thrush too

Edit: Wrong place for my post. Moved to General forum.


oral thrush


i too suffer with oral thrush have done for 5 years. And I take oral daktarin gel once a day profolatically. (to help stop it) does most of time until I forget to take it for few days.

Its not nice when you get it. I have weird headages with it.



Hello Rabbit,

Concerning your statement about having a ‘genetic issue’ when fighting off fungal infections you may have already tried variconazole? If not, your consultant fungal expert will know of this drug, which is being used in clinical trials to treat allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis plus asthma that isn’t controlled by usual meds. I’ve been diagnosed as having a hypersensitivity to this fungus. Don’t know yet whether my lungs are infected because of taking long term pred ( hope not) but this drug has been recorded to be more acceptable concerning side effects and outcome than other similar type of anti-fungal meds for thrush related problems and a compromised immune system if taking oral steroids.

Also, as Kate has already described, try tea tree oil. This natural therapy is recorded to kill fungal infections, mostly external but you could try a drop or two of oil in water and gargle for at least 30 seconds without swallowing.

Finally, and a very long shot, milk thistle, (sylibum purple thistle.) This is aother ‘natural’ alternative therapy which strengthens the liver against all sorts of ‘insults’ for want of a better word. It is best described for helping the liver to recover from ‘death cap’ mushroom overdose. In small regular doses could help the body and immune system overcome fungal infections, especially if you, like me and many others, have to take oral steroids to control asthma.

As ever, please check with your doctor and consultant.

If you and your doctor decide to try any sort of anti-fungal therapy try to allow a minimum three months trial for some sort of result or not.

It’s also useful to try any new drug or alternative therapy one at a time, otherwise you won’t know which one is working or not. This strategy has helped me regain control of feeling out of control and in my humble opinion is probably the best way of maintaining some sort of positive attitude to pants- like chronic illness and the side effects of drugs used to treat the primary symptoms.

Good luck,

Mia xxx


oral thrush

I was diagnosed with asthma in March age 44 & started taking steroid inhalers in April. Since 4 days after starting the steroid inhalers I have had thrush. I do all the usual things - brush my teeth rinse mouth & use mouthwashes after every dose. Nothing seems to help much. I use daktarin gel which reduces the thrush but does not completely clear it. The asthma nurse suggested using a spacer, again it has reduced the amount but my mouth. throat, oesophagus & tongue are still sore every day.

I feel miserable most of the time now - any suggestions on getting rid of this 'beast' would be so helpful.




I know this probably seems silly but after lots of problems and trying all sorts of things I went back to nystatin in a bottle with a dropper. Made sure I ""targetted"" the worst affected areas 24 hours later no more thrush. Mad I know but maybe the break from using it meant the thrush was more suseptable. Dunno what it was but oh boy am I glad it worked.

Worth giving back to basics a try?




i too developed oral thrush after being prescribed beclomethasone for my preventer. i didnt know it was thrush at the time at went to see a pharmacist without telling them i had asthma, one look and she asked if i had asthma! apparently its a sign of not cleaning ur inhaler properly and inhaling high doses.

I was prescribed an aero chamber to take my preventer and in the last 14 months ive never had oral thrush back.

hope this helps!


Daktarin helped me. Once it cleared up I rinse my mouth now instead of brushing after medication. I was advised that brushing can actually rub the residue from steriod inhaler into the gums increasing the risk of thrush. Hope things improve


I ended up with this within a couple of months of using the inhalers. The hospital prescribed me nystan and it worked a treat. I use my spacer now without fail and always wash it after every use and also wash out my mouth too to try and keep it from coming back! It was awful, felt like somebody was choking me as i had it at the bottom of my throat and it swelled. Teamed with a nasty attack (caused by toothpaste believe it or not!) i ended up in hospital!


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