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Advice please on 1st cons visit

Hi Everyone

I have been visiting this forum for a while now - and have finally plucked up the courage to join in! I apologise in advance if my question seems a little 'old hat' to you all. But here goes.....

I have finally agreed to a referral from my long suffering GP to a chest cons, but i am now a little concerned as i have received paperwork informing me that i have to attend for 'pulmonary function tests' before i see him. I roughly understand what this means - but my peak flow measurements never seem to be that bad (pretty normal for age etc) even when my asthma is at its worst. So i am worried that when the cons sees my results he will just dismiss me as a bit of a fraud and i will not get the help that i need. I have to say that this is the main reason that i have not agreed to a referral sooner. Im quite worried about this and would really value anyone elses experiences/advice.

PS. i have also been asked to supply a urine sample - has anyone any ideas as to why??

Many thanks.

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Hi Flipper

hope you're well, I also have that problem where my peak flow doesn't seeem to change much, sometimes I feel really bad and it's still realatively normal! but when I saw my asthma nurse/consultant they didn't really say much about my peak flow they just recorded it and changed my medication round a bit so I wouldn't worry to much. just out of interest what is you average peak flow? mine is 400.

I was also asked to give a urine sample I have no idea what is's for but I refused but it might be to check for infection or other illness.




Hi Flipper

Good for you,to have the courage to go to the docs,I went for years to my doctor never felt well for years,always thought i was Annemic due to training,and running,had blood tests,came back ok,urine tests,ok,but i knew something was wrong,the final straw was booking into a b&b which had a flight of stairs,when i got to the top i was knackered!!and had to sit down kept asking myself why??was i feeling so bad,i had complained about chest pains to my doc,but he said it was muscular??i went for a run with my boyfriend,it was a major struggle,i knew i was fit as i have been training for 12 years and used to be of a good standard,i could have cried,i went back to doctor,this time i made it clear something was not right with my chest,he then only then refered me to a clinic,he never mentioned Asthma,but he would arrange a Sporigrame test,sorry not sure of spelling?to check my chest,i went to the clinic the next week,welcome to the Asthma clinic i was told by nurse???i never understood Asthma,they were great,had to do the peak flow which was well below 400 i should have been 490,i was given a chart to log my peak flow 3 times a day for 3 months,and brown/blue inhaler,it has helped but has gotten worse now as its comimg inot the tree pollen season which kills me,dont worry about going tell them how you feel,and the impact in has on your life!!i wish you all the best!!!!nicola


Thanks for the replies!!

I am sorry for the delay in gettimg back.

It is good to hear that other people have similar problems to me, as i am not sure sometimes whether i even have asthma! Some of the symptoms, but not really the bad peak flow that people mention.

lejaya - my peak flow is also on average about 400. My GP says my best is 480 - but i dont seem to get that high! im not sure when that was done!!

Anyway - thanks again for taking the time to reply.


Flipper did your GP mean your predicted not best? predicted aernt as good as best but you need at least 6mths readings to get a best? then you can go off that rather than your predicted which alot of people cant get for a variety of reasons? silly ones like false teeth!! know that wont be an issue with you put older patients air can get trapped behind false teeth and therefore give a lower reading!! strange but true!!

Andrea xx


Hi Andrea

I think that 480 is supposed to be my 'best' peak flow, as my GP included this figure on my action plan. But i can only think that this was recorded a few years ago, as i dont seem to get as high now and i have been recording my pf's for about 4 months. As far as i can find out my predicted pf should be about 440 - but i must admit things all get a bit confusing some times, so i may well have got the wrong end of the stick!!

Interesting about the false teeth!! its a good job i dont have them, as i would probably end up with them stuck in my pf meter! esp 1st thing in the morning.

Thanks for taking time to reply



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