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Morphine and asthma


I was admitted on Tuesday AGAIN ( 3rd admission to ITU in 2 months). This time my consultant came to a/e and gave me 10mg of Iv morphine. ...

I was wondering if anyone else had ever had morpine during an attack. My consultant feels that i shut down due to the severe pain i feel during an attcak which constricts the airways more. The morphine prevented me from being ventilated so must of helped.


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I cant say Ive had it for Asthma probs directly.

But I had it for along while when I was in for my surgery last yr.

Gotta admit it seriously helped the long-term chest pain I get with my asthma.

But I was on a morphime pca pump when I had it.

Morphine can be harmfull thought too in people with asthma as it lowers resp rate and can lower sats etc!

It is also sedatitive in some people (in fact alot of people) and that can be bad too.

If it helped you thats good!

Good luck!

Donna aka Wheezer



I had morphine about three years ago.

At the time I hadn't been diagnosed with asthma but it did work for me as I relaxed and it stableised the breathing problem.

I did feel a whole lot better after even though it felt like I had a hangover from a heavy night.

I had I follow up appointment and they diagnosed me with asthma.

Good luck




I was given morphine back in February for acute pancreatitis which was unrelated to my asthma. After having it my sats dipped almost right away and I went very light headed. About 24 hours after my first dose I had a major attack on the ward and was sent to A and E. They now think the morphine surpressed my brething and my con has written in my notes that I must never have it again.

I suppose it just goes to show how differently we all react to different meds.


Steph xx


I have oramorh the liquid form of morphine for pain from breathing muscle problems and osteoporosis from dreaded pred, but only through the watchful eye of senior chest consultant as long term morphine at high doses can cause respiritory failure in chest patients. This is why it should only be given under suppervision like itu.




I had a large amount of IV morphine after a lung biopsy that went very wrong, after being on it for about 8 hours the dose was so big my heart rate, sats and blood pressure began to drop very quickly and I felt light headed and started to drift in and out on consciousness. Luckily I was in PICU so they were on the ball. I was on the infusion for 3 days then was given a PCA which suited me alot better. I can't say it helped with breathing but it sure calmed me down and took away the need to gasp so to speak. It tricks the body into thinking it has enough oxygen, so I've heard so I can understand why it would help and also why it could cause nasty problems.

tks xxxxxxxx


I've had morphine for pain from acute pancreatitis but it supressed my cough reflex and i got a chest infection as a result. My consultant has said i'm not to have morphine but to have pethidine instead.


I hard of morphine being given to relieve breathlessness (speling? seems like to many s...) but in patients with advanced lung cancer. I have never thought that it can be given in case of asthma attacks. Good that it worked for you. At least your consultant is thinking outside the box and goes for best for individual patient rather then just sticking to protocols rigidly.


I too have been given morphine at a very high dose for a very bad gall bladder attack (kept me in hospital for a week), it didn't affect my asthma as such but it did affect me from the point i went very 'strange', my mum kept having to remind me to breathe but i was completely numb, couldn't feel her nudging me nor could i speak or open my eyes and i was still in pain, i would have thought it would have caused my asthma to go bad but it didn't (thankfully)

I guess there is more to morphine than we now, i also had a drug that's about 30 times stronger than morphine, didn't affect breathing (or pain) either.



never been given morphine for my asthma, had it for my appendix tho, and it actually made me feel tight chested... but if it helped your ventolation, thats the main thing and i hope you get better soon


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