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Sorry, not really asthma but it seemed funny with all the word games in off-topic!

I have an annoying cold - it's trying to go to my chest of course and is sort of succeeding though isn't too bad yet, but I also have a painful left ear which I think is probably down to too much/too vigorous nose-blowing!

I did the online NHS Direct symptom-checker thing hoping for some tips. It said I was fine to self-care which is a relief as don't want to distract GP from my referral when I see him on Wed lol. However they didn't really have any useful tips apart from take ibuprofen which I've been doing anyway (luckily I'm ok with it). Does anyone know of anything else you can do at home?

Thanks and sorry for the off-topicness!

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gently heat some olive oil in the microwave and insert *carefully* into the affected ear?

i always find lying on the achey side helps

geina x


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