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Hi I have been going though a blip with my asthma at the moment after having an attack 2 weeks ago. Ive been off work and confinde to my sofa which is getting me really down in the dumps (especially watching my husband doing all the housework/chores makes me feel useless). My nurse suggested I look into the Buteyko technique. I have heard of it before but don't know of anyone who has tried it. I am up for trying anything in addition to my usual medication. Have been looking at info on internet ( and courses do seen expensive!) but wondered if anyone here had tried this and had any success?

Thanks for replies in advance



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more expensive not to do course


I did the course a long time ago and found that the price I paid £250 at the time one of the best investments in my health that i ever made. I no longer catch many colds and flus, i am far more relaxed generally and have also reduced my medication over time to almost nothing.

Doing a course has a far greater success rate of learning in person from an expert rather than applying what you read from a book or see on a DVD. I think they find it is only around 5% manage to succeed with the book/dvd. Neither home learning method allows an expert to tweak the method to you which can make all the difference.



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