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Thaks, GrannyMo

GrannyMo, I've LOVED everyone's 25 songs - there are some great ones in there - and ever since you first posted I've been trying to whittle my favourites down to 25. And failing. Every time I cross one off my list I think of another one I love. It's kept me amused for hours - if I can't sleep, when I'm swimming, when I'm driving or when I'm supposed to be doing something else.

I've decided that since I can't choose the best I'll have to choose the ones that were about when important things happened in my life, surely there would be fewer than 25 there and I could fit in a few 'just because' ones, but no. Now I'm trying to work out which of the important things that bring music to mind are the least important! I think I'm going to have to find some other way of choosing.

I may never get 25 tracks but I'm having a great time trying to get there.

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Yeah it was great to think about the songs of my youth. But like you there are too many to create a definitive list.


Yes, set me thinking too. Lots of nice memories.


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