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poetry book to raise money for asthma uk

i write poems a lot to deal with my emotions contacted to my asthma, so here is one of them.

I think it would be good if we could get a few together, so get your mind working and get typing your poems here. It will be fun and interesting

Getting lost in the mist

Popping pills as time ticks

The morning routine starts again

This is what i do just to breathe

With a cough and a wheeze

Nothing I do is with easy

And climbing the stairs

While gasping for air

Oh dear here come the little green men

Off to hospital i go again

In they come with needles and nebs

As i hear them book me a bed

This is me

I cough and wheeze

This is what i do

Just to breathe

By Emma Ramshaw

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great idea!

I have a poem...its what i wrote when goin through a rough time last year! Not asthma related poem though!

All for one!

You are an angel

My shinning star

My guidance in life

Amazing you are

A glint in your eye

That tells me its true

Theres love in our hearts

Between me and you!



Wheeze Whistle, Why Me?

A cough and a sneeze

A bend at my knees

A pant and a groan

As i talk on the phone

Why me?

I walk up a hill

I struggle for breath

I grab my friends arm

She says 'wow what a mess'

Why me?

A musical tune

To make me famous yet

My special lungs

Make me unique, dont fret,

Why me?

I grunt and i moan

About my grumpy old lungs

But without my lungs




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